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Squishy88 Thu 30-Jul-20 06:19:33

Good morning ladies!

It is me again. Haha.

So last Monday I posted asking if I was in labor. I was told by the midwife that I was indeed in latent labour but it could last weeks. Great!

Well this morning around half 4 I got some tightenings in my belly and felt a little strange. Then from 5am I started getting a pain that I can only describe as a shooting pain going from one side of my belly to the other lasting roughly 10-15 seconds. They've been coming back roughly every 8 to 10 minutes with the tightenings. But I wouldn't say it's THAT painful, definitely manageable and I am a massive wimp. With this I'm getting like growls and bubbling in my belly. Almost like I'm starving but I'm not actually hungry. It's such a strange sensation. My bump has dropped even lower now also. My OH was abit panicky about going to work but I've told him to go just pre warn them that this might be the start.

I know everyone is different and nobody is the same but everywhere I've read said it feels like period pains and that they're intense and I will know that I'm in full labour. But they don't feel like that but I know it's something different.

Has anybody else felt like this? Still have no show and waters still very much intact and baby still kicking and moving.

Just praying it is time. Heatwave set for tomorrow and don't think I'll cope in 30 degree heat haha. Due on Saturday.

Have a lovely day ladies xxxx

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