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Could it be nearly time?

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NLW91 Tue 28-Jul-20 22:07:45

I’m 37+4 today. Had my 38 week check with midwife this morning who said she thinks baby has started his descend down, woop woop. So I get home and this afternoon I start feeling quite nauseous, I then did a loose bowel movement (sorry for tmi) and I’ve had a dull ache/pain at bottom end of tummy ever since. Baby moving fine. I’m a first time mum so I’m immediately thinking oooh could this be the start of something. Just had a hot shower and propped up in bed. Any of you ladies had anything similar before you went into labour? Thanks xx

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SlightlyJaded Tue 28-Jul-20 22:10:09

Sounds like early labour to me OP.

That doesn't mean it might not take another three days but deffo a sign that things are on the move. How exciting for you smile

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