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Implantation Bleeding? *TMI WARNING*

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OnMyJourney Fri 17-Jul-20 23:35:03


I'm really struggling with this whole implantation bleeding situation! I keep reading online that implantation bleeding should be light pink or brown, you don't get any cramps and it'll go away within 48hours! I noticed this morning a small area of brown discharge when I wiped and it had like a EWCM consistency with it and then throughout the day there's been some red bleeding with no clots of CM but it's nowhere near as much as I would get with my normal period, the bleeding started at 2pm (ish) and it's now 23:30(ish) and there's not been enough blood to even slightly fill a pad! My periods are usually extremely heavy and they always start off with a stretchy gooey (sorry) consistency with red blood with it and this has nothing with it! I've had some extremely mild period type cramps but really weak almost nothing (I usually suffer from really really painful ones). I've seen others saying they're implantation bleeding had been bright red and enough to soak a pad/tampon! Anyone had any experiences like this? I would honestly appreciate any suggestions/comments/experiences! smileconfusedxx

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