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Bit worried and need advice

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Kelcat9494 Wed 08-Jul-20 21:48:34


I've been diagnosed with HG, I've been on three drips today and been given anti sickness medication - I'm hoping to go home soon - for my going home package they've given me anti sickness medication which I'm worried about as my grandma said it can cause baby's arms to fall off sad (I know this happened in the 50s and not so much now), extra vitamins and blood thinner injections - how anyone has similar experiences to this and is further along in pregnancy with healthy babies?

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Mynotsoperfectlittlefamily Wed 08-Jul-20 21:55:09

I have had HG 4 Times. Which antiemetic is it?
You can contact Pregnancy Sickness Support. They are amazing and there to support women with severe NVP and Hyperemesis.

MissingCoffeeandWine Wed 08-Jul-20 22:10:11

Hi Kelcat,

There is a HG thread on here that I found really helpful in my pregnancy! I’m so sorry you are feeling so poorly, it’s a hellish way to experience pregnancy so sending you hugs.

To answer your question, I took anti-sickness meds for a little bit in my pregnancy (unfortunately they didn’t work for me but I tried them for about a month), my little girl is six months old now and healthy and happy.

Your grandmothers advice is outdated, the medications have changed. It’s very hard to conduct “blind” trials of medicines on pregnant women, hence the “advice” leaflets in the packaging will say to “consult a doctor before taking”. This is not because they are unsafe. If you do have questions, I found the helpline at:

Had really kind people on the phones, who understood what it felt like to be so ill.

For me, there wasn’t a magic cure - despite being pregnant in winter, I worked out that I could stomach frozen lucocade sport crushed Into ice particles, and ice pops better than water which helped prevent dehydration. For some reason I also found I was less likely to puke if I drank water in the bath (a place I felt calm and enjoyed). I also stopped trying to eat a “healthy” diet, and ate whatever was more likely to stay down - mainly white bread and carbs. Again, my little one is now weaning, loves her food, and was a good birth weight. Being sick doesn’t damage the baby, they do get everything they need from you, it’s you that it’s hard for!

Hope this helps. I remember being really scared when I was first diagnosed. I lost weight, when everyone else was gaining, and felt worse than I’d ever felt before. It wasn’t a good pregnancy experience, BUT, didn’t effect my little one at all. Hope this helps reassure x

Superscientist Thu 09-Jul-20 10:53:24

Your grandmother is referring to a medication called thalidomide which was prescribed for morning sickness in the late 50s early 60s. This is not prescribed at all to pregnant women because of serious birth defects. It was a big wake up call for prescribing in pregnancy and in the 60 years since lots of things have changed and they are much more cautious. I'm on a medication that was approved for use in 1997 it was 2017 before the prescribing in pregnancy advice changed from "only if you have to prescribe it" to "it can be prescribed" as it took that amount of time to determine that there wasn't an increase in birth defects or complications.

There are lots anti sickness medications that can be take in pregnancy safely. I hope you get some relief from your pregnancy sickness soon.

FilthyforFirth Thu 09-Jul-20 11:07:56

I am 20 weeks, have HG and am on ondansetron, promethezine and omeprazole. This is the my 2nd one and though I am on more this time round, I did take meds all the way through with #1 and he is a perfectly healthy 3 year old.

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