Pregnancy after ectopic/tube removal

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Kate105 Wed 30-Sep-20 09:38:29

This is giving me so much hope! I had methotrexate before surgery so can’t TTC for 3 months, but I do want to pluck up the courage to try again when we’re allowed to. It’s a really scary thought so this is helping me put that fear into perspective- thank you so much xxx

AlbertCookie Fri 25-Sep-20 12:40:54

@DoctorBambino @Kate105 try to stay positive (i know it is hard to though)
I had my ectopic and left tube removed in February and we conceived again in July! i really didn't think it would happen so quickly. Good luck and congrats to the others smile

SammyMit Fri 25-Sep-20 10:52:33

Keep positive, it does get better and look after yourself xx

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SammyMit Fri 25-Sep-20 10:51:54

Pleased it has helped a little. Keep your chin up, it just wasn’t meant to be but you will get there. I am now 18 weeks and all fine xx

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BG1234 Fri 25-Sep-20 10:08:46

Congratulations @SammyMit!
I’m also pregnant (32 weeks) after ectopic and tube removal in December.
Stay strong @Kate105 @DoctorBambino, it sucks but you will get through it x

Kate105 Fri 25-Sep-20 09:37:06

Hi I’m so pleased I saw this! I’m a week post surgery and this is just what I needed smile hope you’re doing ok xx

DoctorBambino Fri 25-Sep-20 08:38:33

Sitting in hospital bed post surgery and this is exactly what I needed to read. I hope your pregnancy is progressing well. Xx


SammyMit Tue 07-Jul-20 10:13:27

I just wanted to do a post to hopefully help people out there going through an ectopic. I know I have scoured mumsnet for hours looking for hope or information.
I had an ectopic in Jan this year and had to have a tube removed, after giving myself time to heal and get ready (everyone is different on how long this takes) we started TTC again.
My cycle was a little all over and I was nervous it would be really hard. I had a period in May and did the usual ovulation tests and got a strong positive on 6th June for ovulation. We are now 6.5 weeks pregnant and just had an early scan to confirm heart beat and all healthy, it is a huge relief and we are not ignorant to the fact we are very lucky in how quick it was but just wanted to say.... don't give up, stay positive, look after yourself whether that's exercise or cupcakes and it will happen 💕💞💜💗💓
Ectopic and tube removal is an awful thing to go through but your body will heal and nature will take its course 🙂

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