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Did my waters just break

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newmummy474 Tue 09-Jun-20 04:53:58

FTM here! Im 39+2 and I think my waters broke, I think I might be in labour but I have no pain/contractions at all?

This is all probably tmi but here I go anyway!
I woke up this morning around 1am after feeling 2 trickles of fluid into my underwear, I got up and I was soaked right through my pjs bottoms. I got changed and went back to bed too see if it happened again. I woke again at 4.30am to the same thing, 1 trickle of fluid this time soaking through my underwear. I smelt it and I don’t think it had a smell and looks clear.

Do I phone the assessment unit or do I wait for contractions to start?
Is it even normal for waters to break before any pain?

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CherryMaple Tue 09-Jun-20 05:08:29

My waters broke, but painful contractions didn’t start for hours. (I was then induced to get labour going as I was quite overdue.) It is normal. This website gives some advice:

I would call the maternity unit and see what they say?

Ginfilledcats Tue 09-Jun-20 05:17:22

Omg how strange the same happens to me tonight. Definitely phone the triage unit - they'll want you to go in to be monitored and then check it was your waters.

Turned out mine was just trickling hind waters and they sent me home as only 1cm dilated. I am contracting now quite uncomfortably in bed but said not to go back unless full waters go or pain is unbearable.

Definitely ring!

Pipandmum Tue 09-Jun-20 05:56:03

Maybe. When mine broke at 37 weeks there was no doubting it - I stood up from the sofa and the floodgates opened. But it can be different I guess.

newmummy474 Tue 09-Jun-20 05:58:32

@CherryMaple and @Ginfilledcats thank you for replying!

I phoned and have to stay at home and monitor to see if there’s any more and if there is ring back to go in and be assessed.
I think mine could be hind waters trickling too, it’s stopping and starting?

Hopefully we won’t have too much longer to wait @Ginfilledcats 🤱🏻❤️

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Ginfilledcats Tue 09-Jun-20 06:12:23

Yeah mine stopped and started. When I was examined, with a speculum, she had me cough and nothing gushed so sent me home.

Been tracking the surges in the Freya app and it says labour is established as coming 3 in 10 but don't know whether to ring again as I was only 1cm 4 hours ago!

LittlePeepoToy Tue 09-Jun-20 06:14:33

Yep definitely call in smile

weepingwillow22 Tue 09-Jun-20 06:18:35

I had an early break of waters with both of mine. Labour did not start until around 12 hours later in both cases. It is important to stay relaxed and mobile to get labour to start if you want to avoid being induced. I went food shopping and out for lunch whilst waiting! I think you are allowed to go up to 24 hours before being induced. You can still refuse an induction then but need to be closely monitored for any distress to the baby.

Grumpy19 Tue 09-Jun-20 07:24:57

Mine started with a trickle at 11am and I didn't get a gush for another 7 hour. (I was beginning to panic I'd become incontinent 😁😳) it took another 5 hours after that for contractions to get going.
Good luck x.

CherryMaple Tue 09-Jun-20 20:20:01

@newmummy474 @Ginfilledcats How are you both doing? flowers

newmummy474 Tue 09-Jun-20 21:14:09

@Grumpy19 I was starting to think the exact same!

@Ginfilledcats I was the exact same when I went in and got sent home, still no pain yet. Hope you’re doing ok!

@cherrymaple back home now, I was 1cm dilated at 5pm and I haven’t had any pains yet, going back in later tonight for an induction!

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toomuchteaandcake Tue 09-Jun-20 21:50:12

Wow this happened to me last night too! Two trickles and an unfamiliar smell. I cleaned up and went and lay back down but nothing further happened, I've been normal since and baby moving normally.

UrsulaSings Wed 10-Jun-20 07:03:38

Hope it all is going ok OP. let us know when you can!

newmummy474 Sat 13-Jun-20 06:45:02

Hey everyone! Just an update! went in for an induction and ended up with a section my contractions never got strong enough. Back home now and doing great just very sore and completely in love❤️

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Beau2020 Sat 13-Jun-20 07:30:57

Congrats OP, beautiful news!!

Redbrownbrick Sat 13-Jun-20 08:56:04

Great news OP! Congratulations!

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