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30 wks, 10th centile, high blood pressure - how worried should I be??

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BeachBunni Sat 22-Sep-07 20:13:07

I'm hoping the someone out there will be able to give me some comfort. I went for a scan the other day and the baby isn't growing as well as it should be and the mw is concerned because my blood pressure is creeping up. I've been told for the next two weeks I should do everything I can to take it easy and I've to go for a foetal assessment scan in two weeks. I know that stressing out isn't helping my blood pressure but I'm worried sick.
Does blood pressure have an impact on birthwieght and how bad is it at 10th centile? Is there still a chance the baby could rise over the next couple of weeks? I don't want to google and scare myself so I was hoping someone would have some experience of this.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Sat 22-Sep-07 20:19:06

10th centile is within normal limits. 10% of all babies will be on or below the 10th centile. My dd was always about that and came out at 6lbs 9oz, but seeing as I'm quite short and dh isn't overly tall I wasn't expecting her to be big.

BP doesn't have an impact on birthweight as such but there is some research saying that what causes raised BP could also affect placental function and therefore birthweight. But its more that they're both effects iyswim. But can also be unrelated.

BeachBunni Sat 22-Sep-07 20:38:51

Thank you spottysocks. It's a relief to hear the words normal range. When I saw 10th on my notes I thought it sounded tiny although both me and my partner are tall.

wheelybug Sat 22-Sep-07 20:48:32

Hi Beachbunni - I had a small baby due to IUGR. She was small from 22 weeks and I was scanned regularly until about 37 weeks when she had stopped growing and then my bp was high. She was delivered and perfectly fine except small (4 lbs 9 oz). She only had to spend a couple of hours in SCBU to get her blood sugars up and has had no problems as a result (she is 2.7).

From 22 weeks she was on the 3rd centile and even this was considered borderline normal until she stopped growing.

If you have been told to go back in 2 weeks they can't be overly concerned particularly with the blood pressure issue. They will probably monitor you regularly now until your baby is born but will only interfere (in the nicest possible way) if it is in the best interests of you and the baby. Each week is another week further on and nearer term.

I won't say don't worry because I know from experience you will but if the baby is moving ok and you aren't getting any physical signs of pre-eclampsia (swelling, headaches, flashing lights) then try not to worry too much.

Good luck. Shout if you have any questions.

kevinsmother Sat 22-Sep-07 20:53:50

I had high BP from 30 weeks, great excuse to take it really easy, not do any housework and let other people look after you. As long as the baby's on the scale, I wouldn't worry. Someone has to be small!

Good luck xxx

BeachBunni Sat 22-Sep-07 21:05:54

I've actually to go and get my bp taken again on Monday wheelybug as I'm nearly hitting the hypertension mark. It's great to hear that you can have a small baby who is ok as everywhere you look it seems to be low birthweight = big problems.
Kevinsmother - my dp has been great about me doing nothing while he's doing all the housework. The mw had a word with him in the appt about me taking it easy and he's taken it to heart. Also my boss sent me home today for a few days off to look after myself. I could get used to be spoiled like this.

wheelybug Sat 22-Sep-07 21:13:53

Well at least they are monitoring the bp - they can give you drugs to reduce it if necessary (I was on them at the end).

Since having dd I have met a few people who also had teeny children (4lbser) and you really wouldn't know any of them were small at birth.

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