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Cherryrainbow Thu 28-May-20 23:02:20

I'm looking at buying some baby toys for my little girl due in september covering upto 6m (I can put stuff aside for xmas/later on) there's so much stuff out there online I'm trying to get down what is a good mix of stuff before my amazon save list goes beserk lol. I.e. do I really need 5 different rattles cos they're cute, is it good to have several different pram toys?!

Have you bought anything yet? Any recommendations or suggested lists? Would you get a few different kinds of rattles stuff like that? X

Many thanks x

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NuffSaidSam Thu 28-May-20 23:11:06

Wait until after she's born. People will buy stuff/give you stuff and you don't want to end up with doubles. They don't play with anything for months so you've got plenty of time.

Firstimemam Thu 28-May-20 23:19:42

I quite liked a nice wood rattle as from quite early on, you can make the noise and watch them watch the rattle go from left to right (almost like playing), I quite liked a wood ring with ears on it that make a noise (often hand made) & the oball. He played with it from 4 months and still does (16 months now), also had a lovely wood baby gym that I loved. It's quite personal as to what you like I suppose.

Alarae Thu 28-May-20 23:26:55

My DD is 12 weeks and has only just started to have an interest and play with toys. She enjoyed her play gym from around 8 weeks.

I would probably hang off from buying anything for now and just order when she's a bit older.

CoolNoMore Fri 29-May-20 04:35:47

My child might be odd - he didn't play with toys or show any interest in stuffed animals until he was 6 months or so. Even then, his favourite thing was to play with wooden spoons and whatever he could find in the kitchen cupboards (now is a good time to babyproof, btw, before they find all those lovely shiny glass bowls). A friend's baby, however, required many different toys to be rotated almost constantly, otherwise she would wail! Babies vary massively!

The only legitimate reason to buy toys at this stage is if it brings you great joy smile

grumpyorange Fri 29-May-20 04:54:53

Echo what PP say! We ended up with about 15,000 stacking rings sets that DS has never been near!

At 6 months he preferred a t shirt and a phone case over any toys we got him. He's nearly 1 now and has only just started with some of the toys but still prefers to find any cable that we haven't hidden well enough!

GagaBinks Fri 29-May-20 05:10:33

My boy is a urrebtly 3.5 months old and just not interested. The only thing he 'plays' with is a play mat with dangling toys but even then I'm suspicious if he even knows what he's doing!

Laserbird16 Fri 29-May-20 05:13:06

Buy nothing and brace yourself, you will be inundated with gifts from the adoring relatives and friends. It's lovely. Spend some cash on a nice pedicure or something for yourself.

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 29-May-20 05:16:23

You'll get given so many, mainly because they are generally useless so other first time parents who didn't have this advuce will give them to you!

GGx7 Fri 29-May-20 06:01:20

My baby is 8 weeks and has loved toys since about 4 weeks, I just got her noisy flashing light ones! Due to her being born at the start of lockdown, I haven't actually seen many relatives or friends so we didn't get gifted any toys really. A few people have just given us money so I've actually spent a lot of it on toys alone! I just worry about her being bored looking at me all day due to us being stuck in the house for so long without visitors and not getting to baby classes. I hope by the time you have your baby that everything is back to as normal as possible!
The first toy I got her was a singing, flashing puppy I think from Tesco... she was so intrigued by it. She loves her playmat with the toys above her, her cot mobile, I got her little flashing light balls, a water filled tummy time mat, noisy nursery rhyme book. She obviously doesn't play as such, she's a baby, but she's so intrigued and smiles when you interact with her so it's lovely!

MsChatterbox Fri 29-May-20 06:15:45

My sons favourite toys around that age:
- a crinkly soft rattle (soft in case they whack themselves in the face with it!)
- stacking cups (still used now at 2.5 years!)
- mini handheld keyboard (only about 3 keys)
- Sophie giraffe
- playmat
- jumperoo

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