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Membrane Sweep

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nattiee Tue 14-Jan-20 16:48:28

I'm 38+5 weeks pregnant. At my midwife appointment today I was offered a membrane sweep.
As I have an appointment with the midwife next week (I'll be 39+5 weeks pregnant) I said I'd think about it and let her know next week.

How effective is a membrane sweep and what is the likeliness that it will bring on my labour in 48 hours?

piperk Tue 14-Jan-20 17:14:29

I'm getting one on Friday. I had one with my last son and he arrived within 48 hours x

LittleBrownBaby Tue 14-Jan-20 23:19:44

Had one with my first and went into labour the next day. Had two with my second and didn't work. Sorry that's probably not that helpful!

Boymummy3 Wed 15-Jan-20 01:51:31

Tbh I think they are hit and miss. If your cervix etc is ready then it will probally work. If its not then possibly won't work 50/50 chance really

Nomorelaundry Wed 15-Jan-20 01:54:01

It's not guaranteed. I had 3 in 3 days when I was a week overdue. At that point I wanted her to reach up grab what she could and pull the baby out.
It's completely up to you. Do you want it?

crazymuseummumtobe Wed 15-Jan-20 08:53:29

My midwife told me last week that they have a 30% success rate, though thinking about it, I don't know what that 'success' would be defined as... Labour within 48 hours?

nattiee Wed 15-Jan-20 10:39:47

Thanks everyone.
@nomorelaundry erm I'm in two minds but as I'm still not at 40 weeks I will probably wait one more week, see if my body does what it has to do naturally.

PinkSpring Wed 15-Jan-20 10:49:17

With my first, I had one and went into labour that evening.

With my second, I had three sweeps (the maximum I could be given) and they didn't work, went a week overdue.

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