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ideal room size for a nursery

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fabmrsv Wed 29-Aug-07 16:29:30

Hi this might be an unusual question but just moved into a new house and have two options for which room should be the nursery. one room is smaller - about seven feet by seven feet but big enough for cot, changing table, chair etc and the other room is standard bedroom size about 12 feet by ten feet. the smaller room is nearer in that the door will be nearest our door although the other room is next door too. do babies like sleeping in smaller rooms? has anybody heard anything about this or got any good advice? or is it better to be in the most spacious room as possible. I also just wondered if the smaller room might get too warm and the wee thing overheats?? I am a first time parent so got way too many questions/concerns and too much time on my hands but just wondered what other people thought who have been there already.

hana Wed 29-Aug-07 16:31:58

babies don't care about the size of the room they are in! I'd use the smaller of the two rooms. About overheating - just use the window and watch what you're putting on the baby for naps and bedtimes.

designerbaby Wed 29-Aug-07 17:29:45

Hi Fab,

We're using the smaller of our two spare rooms for the nursery - that way we can have the larger of the two as a guest room with a proper double bed for DHs parents when they come over from abroad and it'll double as an office for me...

I think using the larger room for bubs would be a bit of a waste TBH... they're only going to sleep in there for the forseeable...

Unless of course you've many rooms to spare - in which case, lucky you!

You can always get a room thermometer to keep a check on temperature... they're cheap...


TOD Wed 29-Aug-07 17:55:47

Hi. I would definately use the smaller of the rooms, as the others have said babies dont need that much room and save the larger one for guests! Good luck

fabmrsv Wed 29-Aug-07 20:46:46

thanks for advice - that makes sense and i was also thinking we might as well use the bigger room for guests etc as well. i think i am actually more worried about the room overheating than anything - is is quite simple to work out what temp room should be and what numbers of covers etc to use at different times of day ie naps and at night? it all seems mysterious and difficult at the moment!

thanks xx

Gemy Wed 29-Aug-07 21:40:13

I would say babies do prefer smaller rooms. In our last house we put DD in a large double room. Then we moved house and the smaller room in the new house was already baby-fied in that had a little built in wardrobe etc to we used this for her. In my opinion she slept better in this room straight away, and I thought it would be the opposite being that this was a new house.

Maybe it was a mix of the fact that she was older, maybe she preffered the new house? Maybe she liked being able to see all her walls and it made her feel more secure....who knows! I definatly would use the smaller room though, it'll be cosier too.

Re the temp, since we used growbags they come with a thermometer and a respective guide as to: what temp = (tog of growbag + what clothing i.e sleepsuit/vest) and found this very handy at first.

BetsyBoop Wed 29-Aug-07 22:56:06

this guide tells you what bedding for what temp

fabmrsv Thu 30-Aug-07 16:08:28

thanks for all your advice and i have had a look at the info on bedding in babycentre. thanks as that is really helpful


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