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Bleeding in pregnancy - curious

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Foxpants Tue 28-Aug-07 11:27:09

I am new here and have been 'lurking' for a couple of weeks, getting the benefit of all your wisdom!

I am 14 weeks 1d and have had brown and red spotting off and on since 8 weeks. I was initially terrified, but have just about accepted it as part of this particular pregnancy.

The curious person in me is not quite willing to go with the 'one of those things' solution of most medical practitioners. I was wondering how many people who have had this problem knowingly conceived late in their menstrual cycle (therefore would have had more build-up in the uterus lining etc) and also, whether anyone else came up with a decent theory as to why it was happening (stress, for example, which was the theory of an acupuncturist I saw).

Any thoughts?

domesticgrumpess Wed 29-Aug-07 10:25:46

Message withdrawn

Glimmer Wed 29-Aug-07 10:54:35

Good question. I had bleeding (red, fresh and brown) from week 5-9. It was never explained, but I have my own theory. I had a fibroid on the 6 week scan, that had disappeared on the 8 weeks scan. I always thought it might have been related. I conceived on day 14 of an 38 d cycle. I never figured out when you cervix closes and why you can bleed in early pregnancy when it is supposed to be plugged.

Foxpants Thu 30-Aug-07 13:11:44

It's so odd that the doctors and midwives don't have any ideas. My other theory was that I had a coil beforehand, which I'd only just had removed. It used to give me very heavy periods and I wondered whether that had something to do with it.

Just praying it goes away at some point so I can finally go to the loo without feeling nervous!

sweetkitty Thu 30-Aug-07 13:16:02

I had a huge bleed with DD1 at 9 weeks thought I had lost her for sure. She was fine and I had another bleed at 10 weeks as well but not as much. I thought she might have been a twin and one didn't develop so was lost apparently it is quite common.

DD2 I had no bleeds and I've just had a mc at 10 weeks so I'm not sure.

What about cervical erosion it can cause bleeding in pregnancy?

Ceebee74 Thu 30-Aug-07 13:17:28

Yes - I conceived on approximately day 28 of my cycle (AF were very irregular as had only been off the pill for 3 months) and had bleeding (quite heavy, fresh red) from conception for about a month. Had an internal scan and they said it was cervical erosion where the embryo scratches the womb and causes a cut that bleeds. It decreased gradually and stopped after a month but bled again at 9 weeks - this time very heavy (again, red and fresh) and I also thought I had miscarried as it was bad. This was explained as the placenta embedding itself and this is quite common apparently.

Have now got a gorgeous 13.5 month old DS smile

Ceebee74 Thu 30-Aug-07 13:18:25

X-posts Sweet - so sorry about the mc sad

emmamitch Fri 14-Sep-07 17:27:04

hi im bleeding at 6 weeks quite heavy like a period, i have no pains and docs wont scan for 2 weeks, im left not nowing what to do... has anybody else had this im worried and think i have m/c.. i feel very sad

mumzyof2 Fri 14-Sep-07 18:53:00

I cant help im afraid, but bumping up for you.

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