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Excess fluid (polyhydramnious) in 2 pregnancies

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BookyJen Sat 18-Aug-07 18:40:11


I had polyhyramnious in my first pregnancy from 20 weeks (very uncomfortable). I saw the consultant and had lots of extra scans but no reason was ever found for why I'd had it. I was induced 2 weeks early and ended up with a c-section because of my baby's heart-rate dropping. My son was absolutely fine.

I'm now 17 weeks preganant and am worried that I'm getting bigger again (I'm seeing the midwife on Tuesday so perhaps she'll measure me). The consultant was very vague about my chances of being ok this time when I saw him a couple of weeks ago. Has anyone had polyhydramnious in sucessive pregnancies? If so, was it just put down to 'being one of those things'?

NAB3 Sat 18-Aug-07 18:41:44

I had it first time but no sign of it in my next 2 pregnancies. Be reasured you will be well looked after if you do have it again. I was scanned weekly with my DD towards the end as no one had known what was wrong in my first pg. DS1 had mor trouble I think.

rosealbie Sat 18-Aug-07 18:44:46

I've asked this on here before. I had Polyhydramnious diagnosed with 2nd pregnancy but had lots and lots of fluid with my first as well, the MW commented that they hadn't seen so much fluid for a long time (they broke my waters in theatre).

I never got any answers so would be interested to see what you find out.

BookyJen Sat 18-Aug-07 18:53:36

NAB3 - how early was it diagnosed with your first pregnancy? Did they monitor you with successive pregnancies all the way through?

rosealbie - have you had your second baby or are you still pregnant?

My mum said that she had loads of fluid with all her 3 pregnancies, but back in the '60s they weren't really able to investigate so it wasn't flagged up as a problem. Sometimes I think that ignorance would be bliss (although I was grateful to have a c-section early as there would have been problems if DS had been born naturally).

rosealbie Sat 18-Aug-07 18:59:14

My second baby is 3

I was diagnosed at 36 weeks measuring 47!

From that point I was in hospital and they delivered her by c-section at 39 weeks. Up until a few days before the delivery my consultant and was willing for me to try a vaginal delivery but she kept turing in all the fluid and so they (and I) figured a c-section was the best option. She was also quite large at 9lb 4oz.

I was large all the way through the pregnancy.

rosealbie Sat 18-Aug-07 18:59:41

she kept 'turning'

NAB3 Sat 18-Aug-07 19:14:41

I wasn't diagnosed until after the birth.

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