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slight fall

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rascal1979 Thu 09-Aug-07 10:05:50

Probably being over cautious but I've just fallen 'up' the stairs at work (don't ask I must be the only person who falls up rather than down stairs ) Only fell up the last two or three and managed to put my hand out to 'break my fall'.

I now have an indigestion like feeling under my breast bone/above my bump. Sure I am fine and just being over cautious but can anyone reasure me...?

I'm just over 12 wks pregnant.

crokky Thu 09-Aug-07 10:10:57

I think at that stage, the baby is still spending a lot of time behind your bones, deep inside you. Baby is the size of a broad bean (ish) and has a huge amount of padding compared to his size. The indigestion feeling may be worry? I worry about this as I am pg but I have a boisterous toddler beating me around!

violeta Thu 09-Aug-07 11:53:51

I really wouldn't have thought that there would be anything to worry about. It probably gave you more of a shock than the baby. You didn't fall on your bump, and yes, the baby is very protected. Would it really have had that much more of a jolt than when you cough for example? Or when you throw up?

I think that it's only if you start bleeding that there would be any cause for worry.

Ring your midwife perhaps if you need more professional reassurance, but I really don't think you have much reason to worry.

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