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family hmmming at me!! :(

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iliketosleep Fri 27-Jul-07 15:02:20

Ok so at xmas my cousin predicted that my auntie was pregnant and it was a girl. Couple of weeks later auntie discovered she was pg and it turns out its a girl.

My nan told my cousin that im pg and she said no shes not but she will be! now my family are hmmming at wether i am or not! why believe some stupid stuck up herself 18 year old "who cant do owt wrong" when i have around 12 bfps to prove it!!!

ffs im so mad!!!

roll on my scan so i can slap them with the photos!!!

iliketosleep Fri 27-Jul-07 15:02:42

p.s. we dont have a v close family!!

FioFio Fri 27-Jul-07 15:03:40

Message withdrawn

NAB3 Fri 27-Jul-07 15:03:46

Calm down. The proof is in the pudding and apparently this 18 year old can get things wrong!!

iliketosleep Fri 27-Jul-07 15:05:14

well to be fair she doesnt even know me, we have been in the same room a few times but dont speak! Ive only seen her once this year so wtf gives her the right to say stuff like that to me?? and why do my family believe her?? even my mum and she saw my first bfp

iliketosleep Fri 27-Jul-07 15:05:39

dont mean to me i mean about me lol

Cazzybaby Fri 27-Jul-07 15:06:45

Maybe you should suggest that your 18 year old cousin sets up her own baby predicting website and makes some cash out of her obvious talent!! he he

iliketosleep Fri 27-Jul-07 15:08:24

lol i should really take it all with a pinch of salt but ontop of the pg hormones bouncing around inside me i hate people talking about me especially when they dont know me!!!

oooer Fri 27-Jul-07 15:13:35

Personally I'd just take some satisfaction from knowing that when your baby is born, if not before, then your cousin will look like a right twat and your family will feel stupid for believing her. Make sure you remind them about it frequently

iliketosleep Fri 27-Jul-07 15:15:15

thats my thinking thats why i cant wait for a scan

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