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two late babies is third going to be late or early?

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bambi06 Thu 12-Jul-07 18:01:01

ive had two late babies but midwife thinks as i`m measuring two weeks bigger and the head is well down already that it might be early..whats everyone elses experience..after having late babies did you also have early?

Bibis Thu 12-Jul-07 18:03:08

went into labour with 3 of mine, and sorry about this but they got later each time. 10 days, 11 days and then 17 days, how late were yours?

Beyonceen Thu 12-Jul-07 18:03:27

sounds exactly like me! 2 late babies and this one due in 10 days. It's measuring 4 weeks bigger than dates but I'm still convinced it'll be late. (My mum had 8 children and every one was induced after the due date!) maybe it's a hereditary thing? were you a late baby?

bambi06 Thu 12-Jul-07 18:08:09

my first was 3 weeks! second was 10 daysbut i used homeopathy with my second otherwise i think she would have carried on!..i think i was a late baby ..i thought .if i remember right that with the second and subsequent the baby didnt drop until near labour ..

bambi06 Thu 12-Jul-07 18:16:13


Bibis Thu 12-Jul-07 18:18:12

What about size? my latest was the largest (10lbs 12oz) were your other ones small or large?

bambi06 Thu 12-Jul-07 18:21:50

first was 8.13,second 7.13 exactly one pound difference plus they were both born at twenty past the hour one 6.20am ..and 12.20am ..spooky or what

bambi06 Thu 12-Jul-07 18:28:12


PurpleLostPrincess Thu 12-Jul-07 18:36:41

My two were both born 8 days late so I'm convinced I'll go over with this one. Only difference this time is a different father but I'm not worried - they come when they want to come as far as I'm concerned! (I'm also measuring 2 weeks bigger but I was quite large to start with!).

3madboys Thu 12-Jul-07 18:47:37

all three of mine have been late, the first one i was induced as that was policy, the second two i refused and they turned up 15 and 17 days late

i am expecting no 4 and i am sure it will be late too, my mum went a month overdue with me, so i think it can be hereditary too.

Peachy Thu 12-Jul-07 18:49:40

ds1- induced early
DS2- a week early, natural
DS3- a week late, natural

ergo there is no telling what these babies will do!

petunia Thu 12-Jul-07 18:52:44

DDs 1&2, both exactly a week late and weighed 7lbs and 7lb 5.
DD3 last year, a day early and was 6lbs 10. I was in and out of hospital in the days leading up to her arrival and one nurse said that as the other 2 were late, she would be too. She arrived the next morning!

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