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Naetha Wed 27-Jun-07 16:51:51

Excuse me for the odd question...

Since I became pregnant (I'm 13+4) my body hair has started to grow at an alarming rate. I used to be able to shave my legs twice a week and easily get away with it if I was wearing shorts etc, I'd have to shave every day now to get the same look! Needless to say I don't bother now and just wear trousers or don't care! Other hairy parts of me are also growing scarily fast!

I've read that this means I'm having a boy - can anyone back this up?

Also I was pondering (as one does...) about ladygarden maintenance in the run-up to labour. I like to be quite neat and trimmed usually (no daft shapes or anything, just short and neat) people bother having a bit of a tidy up down there before going into labour, or do they just not bother? Admittedly by the time I'm screaming for pain relief and cursing my husband for putting me in this situation in the first place, I doubt the aesthetic appeal of my fanjo will be the last thing on my mind!

What do other people do? Get a waxing appointment two weeks before the due date? Go all au naturelle? The only thing that worries me is that if I do leave it to grow rampantly, it will probably take an additional couple of minutes for the baby to work its way through it all to the outside world!

mother2b Wed 27-Jun-07 16:55:05

are you getting hair on your boobs?

mother2b Wed 27-Jun-07 16:56:05

i dont mean to sound rude, just curious because not only is my hair growing at superspeed but its growing in places it hasnt grown before

lisad123 Wed 27-Jun-07 16:57:44

I notice more hair on my belly when preggy, and certainly have to shave legs more often. I used to wax but havent done since preggy as my wax lady is preggy and stopped doing it. My understanding is wax in pregnancy isnt advised if not done normally and your body isnt used o it.
I really wouldnt worry about your lady garden, im sure thats the least of mw worried when theres a baby coming. I dont think i'll be able to see mine in the end alway

purplemonkeydishwasher Wed 27-Jun-07 16:59:35

i got very hairy when pregnant. belly and boobs. it fell out after i had the baby (boy).
don't remember what my legs were like.

Naetha Wed 27-Jun-07 17:02:00

Boobs aren't hairy, but belly has gone scarily hairy - so glad to know I'm not the only one!

Princesspowersparkle Wed 27-Jun-07 17:21:45

I have a hairier tummy with some dark hair that goes from my bellybutton down- rather like a mans trail thing- oh-er!!
BUT- I haven't had to shave my legs as often which is good.
As for lady garden- its been a bit neglected of late. Will have to do something before labour though..

theprecious Wed 27-Jun-07 17:22:25

funny thread on this very subject

I used to do the full wax but now can't be bothered, using bikini clippers and VEET.

Boobs have got hairy - am pleased to hear they will return on normal!

PBirdy Wed 27-Jun-07 17:36:38

Gosh, same thing has happened to me! I have not noticed my legs so much as my belly. I thought I was getting one of those pregnancy belly lines - line nigra or something? Then I look carefully and instead I have a snail's trail of hair instead.

kyala Wed 27-Jun-07 21:06:05

Last time (2 years ago) I didn't even think about it but now you've got me thinking!! (And I don't usually care for this sort of thing LOL)
Also my belly has got quite a lot of hair on it lately (and apparently I'm having another girl)
It's not horrendous or anything, just a lot more than usual, it's blonde so not too noticable until you get up close (not that it stopped DH, and I use that term V loosely, from going "OMG!! It's BLACK!!!"

men!! No sensitivity when it comes to us but expecting us to tip-toe around the fact that they've put on like 10 stone since the birth of DD1 LOL
Rant over LOL

Naetha Wed 27-Jun-07 23:02:11

Omg that other thread is so funny! I strained all my tummy muscles laughing so much!

Even DH commented that I'm starting to get a bit of a dark hairy line down my belly! Such tact!

JoMa Wed 27-Jun-07 23:06:34

I got more hairy with both pg's and had a boy both times, more hair on tummy especially.

and everyone says don't worry about the ladygarden thing but tbh i trimmed mine and was glad i had as it was much preferable after the birth for keeping clean etc

bananabump Wed 27-Jun-07 23:19:56

I'm having a boy and my belly and boobs to a lesser extent have got very fluffy indeed recently! I'm naturally blonde so not too concerned, but yeah, everything is growing very fast, body hair, head hair, both sets of nails...

Regarding the other question: I am almost 35 weeks and have just shaved it all off while I can still reach, in the hopes that by the time I go into labour I should have a nice close trimmed look all over lol

Of course, if I go overdue I'll have a 'fro down there. Go baby go!

Naetha Thu 28-Jun-07 09:53:10

I think I'm going to give it a good ol' epilate at about the latest stage I can reach around, then hopefully will still be nice and neat when the time comes around. As for the undercarriage as it were (note to others: NEVER epilate down there, OMG the pain!) so will probably just keep it trimmed for hygiene purposes.

Incidentally, a random fact for you - being epilated hurts exactly the same as being tattooed - anyone that says either of them doesn't hurt is lying through their teeth!

mother2b Thu 28-Jun-07 10:01:36

my tatto on my hip hurt like hell, i couldnt sit still, it was sooo painful, but i can honestly say that the tattoos on my shoulders didnt hurt at all (although did make me feel sick (dont like needles)

im not lying!

dont get your hips tattoo, its really sensitive and kills

and dont epilate, it hurts like hell

RGPargy Thu 28-Jun-07 10:31:33

My tattoo on my hair didn't hurt. It was like a weird sort of pleasurable addictive pain......

Anyway, back on subject, my head hair is growing fast, as are my nails. My boobs had the odd hair pre-pg anyway so i'm not sure about that, but i have noticed my underarms need shaving alot more and my leg hairs seem to be flouring at mo. As for lady gardens, i got mine waxed about a month ago and am back in again tomorrow for another sesh. I get my lady to wax off to Brazillian and then i just go over what's left with the clippers when i get home. Nice and short. Sorted!!

RGPargy Thu 28-Jun-07 10:31:59

OMG, tattoo on my hair?????? I meant my ARM!!!!!!!

insywinsyspider Fri 29-Jun-07 13:19:41

just to add am pg with dc2, with ds I couldn't see lady garden by the end of it, didn't bother with usual wax as thought it would look worse if I was way overdue and all stubbly, did use dh's hair clippers though and have a trim, no3 I think and was so much easier to keep clean after stiches - also no one told me how much I'd bleed after, I was quite heavy up till 6 weeks after and loath sanitary towels so felt nicer to keep it all short - will do same this time

def getting hairier again, especially legs and belly

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