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how hot can I have my bath (very early pregnancy)

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BellaBear Thu 07-Jun-07 20:12:06

I usually have scaldingly hot baths (my skin goes bright pink, it's fab) but I understand that's not such a good idea at 5 weeks. Is it safe to have a bath at all hot or would it have to be lukewarm? (if so not much point for me). Or is this a ridiculous question completely?

MaloryTowers Thu 07-Jun-07 20:12:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BellaBear Thu 07-Jun-07 20:14:14

so okay to go with a really hot bath then?

BellaBear Thu 07-Jun-07 20:23:42

i feel really silly now!

dal21 Thu 07-Jun-07 20:44:31

Bella Bear - dont feel silly at all, this forum is here to ask questions. I am 24 weeks pregnant and I used to love my hot hot baths too. If my baths werent hot, then i like you didnt see the point in lukewarm. For the first trimester, I didnt bother taking a bath. All the books I have read do advise to avoid having hot baths. Think between 38-40 degrees is fine and now i am further along, i find cooler baths more relaxing. I also make sure I have a bottle of water nearby to stay hydrated.

Congrats and enjoy your pregnancy!

seaside72 Thu 07-Jun-07 20:50:18

bellar- don't feel silly - I was the same - loved a mega hot bath that I would get out of all pink and boiling! I was worried about how hot I could have it once found out was pg but read some old threads and asked advise and was told fine to have a warm bath but just not as hot as before/ so hot that it makes you pink and also try not to totally submerge - ie keep a leg/arms out at any one time IYKWIM?

So for the meantime I am making do with warm baths and am looking forward to a hot one in 9 months or so !

BellaBear Thu 07-Jun-07 21:02:37

okay, thank you!

feel less silly now

MamaMaiasaura Thu 07-Jun-07 21:06:54

MaloryTowers why riduclous (you arent gwendoline mary are you?? )

There is lots of evidence to suggest that you do not have excessivley hot baths (we call them monkey hot.. think about the noise you make when you get in ) . Best to have baths that do not make your skin pink. They also recommend you do not have saunas/hot tubs/steam room etc as increasing your body temperature excessively has been linked to possible miscarraige. hth.


BellaBear Thu 07-Jun-07 21:08:46

aha. so no more hot baths then !

like the description of monkey hot!

MamaMaiasaura Thu 07-Jun-07 21:09:22

I used the term more for dp.. when certain things touch the water lol

BellaBear Thu 07-Jun-07 21:13:00

lisad123 Thu 07-Jun-07 23:22:53

I too love hot baths and asked midwife about it. She said as long as you dont have to lower yourself into it slowly, its fine

beckmo Fri 08-Jun-07 09:26:40

My midwife said if your skin goes red its too hot. Not a ridiculous question at all.

kittylette Fri 08-Jun-07 09:29:25

Don't feel silly!

I have scaulding baths, but did go for 'just getting hotish' baths all through my pregnancy!

Pheebe Fri 08-Jun-07 09:38:07

Malory the only thing that was ridiculous was your response!!!

Bella, its a really good question and its a bit controversial. Its a bit of an old wives tail about the link to mc (gin and a hot bath!!) but there is some evidence that getting very very hot (baths suana or wotever) can affect the bubs nervous system development. The real risk is that you might faint as all the blood rushes away from you head and body and out to your skin to try and cool you down. You can still have hot baths but not quite so hot thay make your skin go pink but definitely no need for lukewarm baths

Please don't stop bathing lol

Princesspowersparkle Fri 08-Jun-07 09:38:25

I second just getting hotish baths. My skin would go red if the bath was lukewarm so I can't really go by that. I like the 'monkey hot' description though!
I've ended up having 2 baths a day. They really help to ease any aching or tension in my tummy. Throughout my pregnancy its been the one thing thats kept me sane!

elsieanjoanne Fri 08-Jun-07 09:45:04

If i were you i would enjoy a warmish bath as any one with babies will tell you you will be breaking records with how fast you have to be in washed an out once baby here i can now do it all inc hair wash in 10mins! good luck take it easy. Ps once baby kicking you insides out i found pouring water over my bump settled her!

BellaBear Fri 08-Jun-07 12:53:27

thanks everyone! Will take all your advice. Probably more of an issue when the weather gets colder.
Ended up having a shower last night anyway!

MaloryTowers Fri 08-Jun-07 12:55:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MamaMaiasaura Fri 08-Jun-07 12:58:26

malory - she didnt insinuate she was ill! It is her first pregnancy and she was asking a perfectly reasonable question IMHO

Lets hope this thread (like so many others have lately) doesnt disolve into pettyness eh?

Glad you ok Bellabear - will catch up with you on antenatal thread I am sure. LOL @ pheebe comment re dont stop bathing. Am dreading the point when I cant see lady bits to tidy them up

MaloryTowers Fri 08-Jun-07 13:12:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

goingfor3 Fri 08-Jun-07 13:16:28

Congratulations on your BFP Bellabear!!!!!!

Pheebe Fri 08-Jun-07 14:09:25

I second that Awen

Of course you aren't ill while you're pregnant but your whole physiology changes and to carry on as if nothing has happened is, in my opinion, irresponsible. Many things all of us do as a matter of course in everyday life could and do harm our babies and any responsible mother does all she can to protect her unborn child while carrying as normal AS POSSIBLE.

MaloryTowers Fri 08-Jun-07 14:33:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BellaBear Fri 08-Jun-07 15:33:30

Sorry MaloryTowers, the reason I asked if it was ridiculous was because someone had said not to but I was wondering if it was one of those things that is said but is silly or if there really is a good reason not to, and having had an early mc four months ago I am being somewhat paranoid! I hope I don't become really really paranoid over every little thing! Plus I am exhausted and usually I can think things through but at the mo my brain really isn't functioning so I am finding hard to think straight, so I thought I would ask!

Hope no one is offended. Didn't intend that at all. Obviously people have different philosophies to being pregnant.

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