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Sexing scan - What happens if they can't tell?

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rhubarb90 Mon 04-Jun-07 10:56:05

I'm having a scan to tell us the sex of our baby on Saturday which we're paying £50 for. I just wondered if anyone knew what happens if they can't see the sex? Can you ask for your money back? It seems unlikely since they have used the scanning equipment and the hospital's time, but since we are not having this scan for any other reason, I'm slightly concerned that if the baby has his or her legs crossed or something it'll be an awful waste of money. Does anyone have experience of this happening?

lulumama Mon 04-Jun-07 10:57:57

if you have booked a scan specifically for this purpose, then check what the terms of the booking say....

GooseyLoosey Mon 04-Jun-07 11:00:03

Yes - but in my experience, if the baby was lying the wrong away, they got you to walk around and go to the loo and other things to make the baby move. They really did try hard and were happy to leave it for 30 mins or so to see if things changed.

LittleB Mon 04-Jun-07 12:17:53

I didn't pay for a sexing scan but asked at my 20wk scan, dd was in the wrong position for them to tell, they also couldn't see all of her spine to check she was ok, so I had to go out, jump around, wee a bit etc, then was scanned again, they could then see her spine then but still coudn't see her sex. Didn't mind really though, it was a lovely surprise when she was born! I imagine you could have another appointment if this happened with you?

alicet Mon 04-Jun-07 13:36:54

I didn't pay for a sexing scan but we had a 4d scan with our ds and they said if they didn't get a good view of his face they would repeat it later. In the end I had to get up and walk around a bit and get him into a better position and it was great.

I would expect that if you are paying for a scan specifically for this purpose they should repeat it if they can't tell you. But remember they can be wrong so I personally wouldn't do too much based on what they tell you like decorate your nursery pink and spend loads of money on pink stuff or anything simililar!!!!!

lisad123 Mon 04-Jun-07 13:47:10

I asked at 20 week scan, and they couldnt tell me as baby had the cord in between legs. However, I had another scan 5 days later due to complications and was able to tell me I was having a girl Very happy but was a little disapointed that DH wasnt there to hear the news at the same time

rhubarb90 Mon 04-Jun-07 16:31:52

Thanks so much for the replies, I had a look at the letter and all it says is that if I don't turn up I'll be charged anyway, and that they can't be 100% sure about the sex. It doesn't mention anything about what happens if they can't see anything. Thanks again.

goingfor3 Mon 04-Jun-07 16:34:51

Where are you having the scan done? £50 seems really cheap.

Babylovesmuffins Mon 04-Jun-07 16:40:38

Rhubarb I would call them up and see what their policy is on this. Some places allow you to come back a week later at no extra cost - other places ask you to go for a walk and then come back. Hope it all goes well!

rhubarb90 Mon 04-Jun-07 16:43:41

It's being done at the hospital (in Shropshire) where I had my other scans and where I will be giving birth, but they won't tell you the sex at your 20 week scan. If you want to know, you have to book another at 23 weeks+ and pay them £50 to have it done outside normal hours, hence it being on a Saturday. I suppose it is quite cheap compared to the prices of 4D scans but considering that most people are allowed to ask at 20 weeks, I think it's kind of a rip-off really. But we want to know, so what the hey...

lissie Mon 04-Jun-07 16:49:18

rhubarb, im in shropshire too and as far as i can gather from my SIL if they cant see then they will charge you for another scan.

can you not use the babyvision one? theres one in shrewsbury and i think its £65. if they cant see then you can go back FOC til they can see

rhubarb90 Mon 04-Jun-07 17:03:44

Thanks very much Babylovesmuffins for your good wishes I think you're probably right, I should ring them first so I'll have enough time to cancel if I don't agree with whatever their policy is. If you see what I mean..
Lissie, we did think about using Babyvision but because they charge an extra £15 for the exact same thing I'd be getting in hospital, we decided not to. However, the bit about them offering a further scan for free if they can't see the sex is very good... Aaargh. I wish I wanted it to be a surprise

lissie Mon 04-Jun-07 17:49:46

where in shropshire are you?

rhubarb90 Mon 04-Jun-07 20:12:09

I'm near Shrewsbury.

lissie Tue 05-Jun-07 08:43:39

im in telford!

rhubarb90 Wed 06-Jun-07 19:10:40

Is Telford nice? I've lived here for about seven years now and I've never been there. I just wanted to post again cos something else has just occurred to me - since no measurements are being taken and it's not a 'medical' scan, do you think I need to take my notes with me? I know I should just ring them up but I keep forgetting to do it during normal hours and also when I booked the scan the person I spoke to wasn't very polite and it's put me off somewhat.

Twins355 Tue 11-Feb-14 09:24:12

We have been to babyvision for our twins for a gender scan, the lady Ruth started by going through measurements and health of babies and left us worried unnecessarily about our one twin with her expressions and behaviour and started ringing hospital and even forgot our pictures of twins she was that wrapped up in thinking she was a hospital professional. On walking in we said hello to Ruth to be totally blanked and the receptionist who is the partner in the business was very miserable also so not very inviting. Ruth didn't introduce herself until we were lay down ready to commence which was quite rude and unprofessional.
The lady on reception then went on to slate 2 other businesses tht do the same which in business is totally unethical.
All in all terrible experience and has left us worried about the life and growth of our little girl, would not recommend anyone go there and stick to the good old hospital, at least they introduce themselves and have the professional ettiket to not cause unnecessary worry.

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