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Anyone pregnant though fitted with copper coil?

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manuka Sun 27-May-07 18:45:21

I have a coil(got it in January) and I'm very late (for me) A week and a bit ago I had 2 days of period pains but no period. This happened when I got pregnant with dd who is only 11 months.
I'll get a test tomorrow.
In the meantime I was just wondering what the likelyhood of pregnancy is. ??

lulumama Sun 27-May-07 18:47:03

no contraception is infallible.. if you are late, you can test now !

mummytosteven Sun 27-May-07 18:48:48

I have a friend who had exactly that experience. She felt a bit of tummy cramp, then found out she was PG a couple of weeks later (turns out the cramps was the coil falling out!).

burek Sun 27-May-07 18:52:16

If it helps, my cycles took a very long time to settle down after having it fitted, including late periods and pains but no period.

manuka Sun 27-May-07 18:54:08

hello Lulumama!!! I haven't got a test so will have to wait till the dreaded Sainsburry opens tomorro.
I think I'd better go and watch antiques roadshow and try not to worry!!!

manuka Sun 27-May-07 18:54:44

How long burek???

burek Sun 27-May-07 18:57:41

I will break this to you gently...

burek Sun 27-May-07 18:59:25

about 2 years - but remember that everyone will be different!

manuka Sun 27-May-07 19:00:43

Thats ok! I can cope with mental periods just CAN'T cope with childbirth EVER EVER AGAIN!!!!

Jaspermatthews Sun 27-May-07 19:06:13

my coil did this - afetr about 3 - 4 months i had no periods, but still got pmt for a few days a month. its unlikely you are pg, but no contraception is 100%

lulumama Sun 27-May-07 19:23:15

i got a mirena coil, took a good 6 months to settle down

<<hands manuka a trashy mag and some chocolates to take her mind off things...>>

childbirth is the easy part, tis the next 18 years that are tricky

manuka Sun 27-May-07 19:51:59

Thanks for the chocs they were delicious!! Yes the whole bringing up a child thing is a bit full on isn't it?!!! No more please!!!! one is lovely I can cope with her but another would be HELL

scorpio1 Sun 27-May-07 20:02:57

Lots of kids is fab - i want loads, but dp says no! Good luck for your test

manuka Sun 27-May-07 20:43:24

How many have you got?! I used to want 3 until I experienced the reality of one!!! My sister has FOUR and may have ANOTHER!!!???!!! WHY?!!! She's hardcore! and rich hahaha!

scorpio1 Sun 27-May-07 20:44:54

we have three between us (2 are biologically mine) and we are ttc

i want one more after this one, and thats it

well, why not? we pay for them all! (good old dp and his job!)

manuka Sun 27-May-07 20:47:31

Hats off to you! You are BRAVE!! I am not as strong as you!!! And I'm very selfish!!

scorpio1 Sun 27-May-07 20:56:26

each to their own, me thinks!

louy Tue 04-Dec-07 17:43:34

Help, found out last Tues thatI'm pregnant, wit a copper coil in situ.

cass66 Tue 04-Dec-07 20:34:55

louy, if you haven't already, you need to get to your GP. if you want to continue with the pregnancy the coil needs removing under scan guidance. also ectopic pregnancies are more common with coils, so if you get any pain see your GP PDQ! However, do you know for sure the coil hasn't fallen out, ie can you feel the threads?

just a few initial thoughts. as has been said above, no method of contraception (except perhaps total abstinance, although not for Mary!) is totally foolproof.

louy Thu 06-Dec-07 10:06:57

Hi Cass66, thank you for your response. I have a termantion booked for Mon 10th. I have 2 children already, and starting up a buisness with my hubby Feb/March time. I had the coil fited for a reason, no more children. Also found out several things, Coil babys, Infections, Miscarrage, etc...
Termantion is not in me, but dont fancy going ahead with all different types of compications.

Becky77 Wed 12-Dec-07 13:27:54

I was conceived while my Mum had a coil in with no complications... So it is possible :-/

louy Thu 27-Dec-07 19:04:56

Hi, A update. I had my Termantion on the 10th Dec, 2 weeks and a bit later and I feel such a huge weight of my shoulders. I have 2 wonderful children already, coil was put in for a reason. Even at the time of being preg I didn't feel excited or over the moon, I think I lost that "I wanted more" after my 2nd child was boon. would be about 7 wks preg now, not a ay goes by without me thinking etc.... but I feel ok. My Hubby i of for the Snip in the new year, done my bit now. Happy New Year to all.

goodenoughmum88 Sun 26-Jan-14 22:17:24

Help, may be pregnant but v early stages. Have copper coil in and baby 1 is nearly one, been having fairly regular normal periods, still breast feeding, but have been having some pregnancy symptoms I.e. emotional, falling over, nosebleeds (had them during last pregnancy) and funny skin. Had a v early period but was funny, one day of heavy bleeding, then hardly anything! Will buy a test soon, currently sailing down Denile!

BS33 Tue 15-Dec-15 17:36:59

Hi I have the coil fitted, I had it fitted back in June I had a 2 week period after having it fitted, but haven't had a period since. Now I look 6 months pregnant and feeling extremely sick, the smell of any food and even when I'm eating I'm feeling sick. Anyone having the same please

Tobleronecat Fri 12-Feb-16 00:14:44

BS33 did you get a test done?

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