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SamanthaH92 Tue 19-Jun-18 12:35:03

What can you ring your pregnancy assesment unit for? I know obvious ones like reduced movmemt and other issues. What about to get your urine and blood pressure checked? I don't have my actual midwifes number as never actually met her. I have a different one every time as she's off sick.

TinyTerror1 Tue 19-Jun-18 12:40:49

My midwife is off sick too - I met her at my booking appointment and that was it. However I have a number for the midwives' office for non-urgent queries. Have you checked if you have anything like that?

You get BP and urine done at every MW appointment. If you think there is something wrong in between then I would suggest you either call the midwife team or your GP for an appointment. Triage/PAU at the hospital is for more urgent worries (if you are urgently worried about your BP or urine then by all means call them - it's hard to advise without knowing your symptoms).

SamanthaH92 Tue 19-Jun-18 13:09:39

I've just started getting headaches and noticed my ankles are a bit swollen again. Not majorly swollen though and i wouldn't say my headache is that bad. I haven't seen a midwife since 33 weeks and she said at my last appointment because i am seeing a consultant at 36 weeks to not see her anymore till 38 weeks but only if i want to. Urine was clear at 33 weeks and bp fine with swollen ankles. I'm on daily aspirin so not to sure if that prevents preclampsia, not that I'm on it for that reason. X

NotAsGreenAsCabbageLooking Tue 19-Jun-18 13:16:58

I think swollen ankles and headaches are symptoms that the vast majority of pregnant women get, I wouldn’t be worried about those personally.

TinyTerror1 Tue 19-Jun-18 13:18:25

Aspirin is supposed to help prevent preeclampsia - I'm on it for that - but I don't think it's failsafe. I can see the headaches and swelling would be a worry and that is something I would call the PAU about. Good luck x

TinyTerror1 Tue 19-Jun-18 13:21:05

Hmm cross-posted. Having just reread the symptoms it should be severe headaches I think so maybe just keep an eye on them x

SamanthaH92 Tue 19-Jun-18 13:37:27

@tinyterror1 yeah i did think they would have to be pretty bad headaches. I am trying to up my water in take to see if that helps out. Don't want to keep taking paracetomol when it isn't doing anything. I never had swollen ankles or headaches during first pregnancy so this is new to me. Thanks for your replies ladies xx

constantlycraving Tue 19-Jun-18 15:15:49

Midwife here...aspirin does reduce the risk of pre eclampsia but doesn't take away the risk completely. If you have headaches (especially ones that don't go away with paracetamol/hydration) and swelling you should ring your assessment unit and they will probably advise you to go in for a BP and urine check (or get it done at the GP). Just because it was ok at 33 weeks doesn't mean it is should phone today!

SamanthaH92 Tue 19-Jun-18 15:39:56

@constantlycraving thank you for the reply. It seems to have eased off after upping water intake. I will ring if it comes back x

SamanthaH92 Fri 22-Jun-18 20:15:11

Just to update i visited the doctors this morning. Pain behind right eye and headache since getting up on and off. Feet and ankles swollen still. Doctor checked urine, no proteins and all was fine there. Checked blood preasure, slightly on the high side for me but again not concenred. Didn't think my feet and ankles were too bad ( although if she could see them now she might!!) She rang the PAU and they said they wouldn't be concerned either at this point and to only go back if swelling was worse and all over swelling. Headaches i can't cope with and tummy pains.

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