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2 year gap between children

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user1497225361 Thu 22-Mar-18 22:30:41

Just found out that we're having our second baby in November, my first little girl will have just turned 2 when new baby arrives. Anyone have the same age gap between children? Whatever the pros and cons? The negative things I can think of is that my daughter will be going through the terrible two's and may become jealous of her new sibling as she's still a baby herself and quite needy. The positive things are that I'm used to having little sleep Still, we still have all our new born baby equipment so will reduce cost, they will be a similar age therefore entertained by the same sort of things. Also it'll mean I can get back to working full time quicker in the future. Feel excited but very scared!!

NSEA Thu 22-Mar-18 22:39:43

There are tons more positives. They will play together and live each other loads

I have this, mine was just under 2. My DD was a bit confused when I disappeared for 3 days and returned home with a baby despite telling her everything. I actually prepared her by letting her watch the film of the rugrats where the main one gets a baby brother.

My dd never had the terrible twos in a way which affected the baby. In fact she loves him and has never been jealous. I was aware of this though and bought her a doll so whrn i fed baby she fed her dolly etc

MadeForThis Thu 22-Mar-18 22:40:16

We have a 2.3yr gap. Dd1 was brilliant when dd2 arrived. Very little jealousy. Problems came from being over enthusiastic with dd2. Wanting to lift her, hold her hand kiss and cuddle. This resulted in pulled arms and headbutts.

Finding it very hard to balance protecting dd2 and not making dd1 feel pushed out.

Dd1 immediately dropped her nap unless out in the car. But she always needed a lot of input from me to nap.

I kept dd1 in Nursery 2 days a week. Mostly because she loves it so much but also to give me time alone with dd2. I sometimes feel that all my attention is on entertaining dd1 and poor dd2 just has to fit in.

Dd2 is only 12 weeks old so I'm still very new to this.

user1497225361 Thu 22-Mar-18 22:48:30

Congratulations on your new baby madeforthis and thank you NSEA... feeling a little more positive about the situation now.

MaidenMotherCrone Thu 22-Mar-18 22:52:04

There were roughly 2 years between each of my 3.

None were jealous and none went through the terrible twos. They were always close and remain so as adults.

willisurvive3under2 Thu 22-Mar-18 22:59:29

We were trying to do that - got pregnant with twins straightaway. So I'll have a 20-month gap and two newborns 🙈confused

user1497225361 Thu 22-Mar-18 23:14:59

Oh gosh, twins is a whole different ball game. I know a couple of ladies in similar situations, both having young toddlers plus twin babies. They each reckon the toddler is helpful at entertaining the babies... that will come in handy.

TriJo Thu 22-Mar-18 23:49:57

22 month gap here - DS1 is 2 next week, DS2 is 7 weeks. It's quite hard work - DS1 is very high energy, I'm lucky that DS2 is a very calm baby.

Draylon Fri 23-Mar-18 00:18:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Draylon Fri 23-Mar-18 00:22:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Draylon Fri 23-Mar-18 00:25:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

blinkineckmum Fri 23-Mar-18 01:56:42

Perfect. You get another mat leave with dc1 before they start school. They may still nap while you are on mat leave. The two will be little together and share interests. I have 21 months. Loved it.

elvesareneverhappy Fri 23-Mar-18 09:12:26

I have 25 months between DC1 and twins and it actually worked out really well. DC1 doesn't remember life without them and has never been jealous or horrible to them and they adore her. I'm now pregnant with DC4 and they are all counting down the days (still 2 months to go.)

charlottexox Fri 23-Mar-18 11:06:30

My babies will be exactly 2 years and 2 months apart when DC #2 arrives. I'm the same as you, but looking forward to watching them grow together.
Have family and friends whose DC are close in age and although they said it's hard, it has its perks!

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