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Chances of good news after early scan shows embryo too small for dates?

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Laney79 Sat 17-Mar-18 16:22:27

So went for a private scan this morning-my last period started Jan 14th. Very strong positive 18th and 19th Feb. Due date sometime between 17-24th oct.

But scan this morning showed no HB, embryo measuring just 3.1mm which would be more like 5 weeks rather than 8+ that I think I am.

Been referred To EPAU on Monday 11am for another scan, and sonographer said I'd likely then have to wait two weeks for them to repeat it to see if there was any growth/viable pregnancy.

Other half trying to stay positive but I feel heartbroken. Anyone been here and had a good outcome? Please? X

booandbumpp Sat 17-Mar-18 17:30:11

Hi OP. I had an early scan and saw nothing just an empty sac and thought I was 7 weeks. Went back a week later, and it had progressed we saw a heart bean and it measured 5 weeks 3 days. It's easy to be out by weeks so early because LMP Is an estimation, not a definite. Fingers crossed you get a good outcome x

Ohmeohmy123 Sat 17-Mar-18 17:34:14

I had a scan when my dates said 9 weeks. The measurements said 6 weeks. When I returned 3 weeks later measurements said 12 weeks and there had been a growth spurt.

Laney79 Sat 17-Mar-18 17:47:17

@Ohmeohmy123 did you see a heartbeat at your first scan?

Ekphrasis Sat 17-Mar-18 17:56:41

This is difficult to type - I'm afraid I had similar, measuring 5 weeks when I knew I was 7.5 or 8, a year ago. However I saw a heart beat and the sonographer said it looked like a healthy 5-6 week pregnancy. Except I knew there was no way it was.

I'd had some dark brown bleeding however hence the scan. Two days later I miscarried.

If you had intercourse at times after you think you conceived it's possibly you ovulated later than you thought and this will be the right size etc.

I had a scan booked 2 weeks after incase there was progress and ended up using it to check everything had passed (which I don't think they liked really but my mw suggested I did it to check.)

I don't want to destroy any hope though, as it is possible yours could go on to be healthy and as I say I'd had some bleeding.

I'm expecting my rainbow baby in May.

Zeelove Sat 17-Mar-18 18:06:40

Went for a scan at seven weeks, saw no heartbeat and baby was measuring small. Went back two weeks later and all was fine ... I'd ovulated later than expected

Ohmeohmy123 Sun 18-Mar-18 06:26:40

On that occasion yes I did see a heartbeat at my first scan.

In another pregnancy I had a scan where baby measured 5 weeks ( which I thought was early for my dates) and no heart beat. That baby caught up too and all was fine with her next scan.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Laney79 Sun 18-Mar-18 07:48:44

@Ohmeohmy123 thankyou. And thanks everyone. It's good to hear there's a chance-sadly my brain won't let me think that way.

Other half is desperately trying to stay positive but I just can't stop crying. I'm dreading the likelihood that it's a MMC and all that that entails. I have a bad phobia of dr/medical profession so this feels like my worst nightmare is coming true. All sorts of invasive procedures and the chances of me getting anything at the end are slim.

Pregnancy I can handle-you get an amazing reward at the end but this just feels cruel.

I'm in pieces.

eurochick Sun 18-Mar-18 08:34:50

I didn't have a happy ending in similar circumstances. I was 100% sure of my dates because it was an ivf pregnancy.

I have a similar hatred of medical procedures and wanted to miscarry naturally. I did. It wasn't fun but it was managed at home without any intervention.

PrimeraVez Sun 18-Mar-18 09:06:40

Hi OP, I'm so sorry you're in this stressful position. The waiting is awful. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

I have to be honest and say that my story didn't have a happy ending. We saw a heartbeat, but everything was measuring nearly two weeks less than I felt it should have. My doctor was quite optimistic but I started to spot brown blood a day or two after, and a repeat scan a week later showed that the heartbeart had stopped. I ended up having a D&C because I couldn't bear for things to drag out any longer.

I fell pregnant again a few months later, and I'm now 27 weeks with a healthy, growing baby boy.

I have my fingers crossed for you.

Laney79 Mon 19-Mar-18 17:48:31

Baby hasn't grown since sat and no blood flow so 95% certain it's gone. Stopped growing at 5 weeks.

Gotta wait two weeks for another scan to be 100% certain...hoping though that if bean has died I miscarry soon.

It feels so cruel. Huge decision to start ttc as I have a medical phobia. I'm 38, this is my first pregnancy, and it ends like this.

I just want my little bean-I'm heartbroken.

Thankyou for your support X

Ohmeohmy123 Mon 19-Mar-18 21:04:32

Op that's just so horrid for you. I don't know really what to say. Losing your baby and your hopes is just so cruel and heart wrenching. I really feel for you and I hope you have some good support. Many many hugs xxx

Ekphrasis Mon 19-Mar-18 21:43:22

I'm so sorry for your loss. Give yourself some time to heal emotionally before trying again. I found going on a small holiday with close friends a few weeks afterwards really helped draw a line under my mc and helped me move on.

Could you ask for some counselling to help with the medical phobia?

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