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Baby is measuring much bigger

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Gigimoll Wed 14-Feb-18 12:38:19

I'm 34 weeks and apparently he's measuring (fundal) 36.. She said he's a really long baby. Is this normal? She said he wasn't quite engaged yet which I'm glad about but will this mean he will come earlier? Will I have a harder time in labour if he's a big boy? :/

mummyG2C Wed 14-Feb-18 17:59:54

I wouldn't worry I am 35 weeks and currently measuring 6 weeks ahead (measuring 40weeks at last weeks apt) on fundal have since started measuring at 28 weeks. Had a scan then to check didn't have excess waters etc but baby was maybe a week or so ahead growth wise but still normal size and no extra waters no issues must just have a massive uterus!! Fundal measurements mean very little and aren't accurate as long as you keep growing on same curve doesn't matter where it is from my experience.

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