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Looking for recommendations for hypnobirthing courses in south london

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Ellsiedodah Sun 11-Feb-18 09:48:06

Hi all

I'd like to do a hypnobirthing course with my partner as I fear he and I have very different perspectives on the birth process. He is not massively in touch with his bod, can get very anxious about the slightest ailment and believes that anything the medical profession instructs we should do. While I've always been a big exerciser, feel very in touch with my body and have enough stories now about how the medical profession can push you to have an induction just because you're overdue by their calcs, tell you to push when you know your body isn't ready or get you anxious about something when you implicitly trust what's going on inside. I'm desperate for a natural birth with as little intervention as possible and need to know how to handle the whole thing, and to be confident my husband will back me without question until something is clearly wrong and of course we do need to accept medical intervention. And by the way, I'm not anti the medical prof at all, I have huge respect for them, am massively grateful for the NHS and the mad hours all those nurses and docs have to work!!

We'll be birthing at the midwife led unit at Kings, Denmark Hill. Would love to hear of any courses anyone's done in the surrounding areas eg Streatham, Brixton, Balham, Claphmam, Herne Hill, Tooting, Dulwich etc

Thank you all very much!

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