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DH said not to count my chickens and now I can’t stop thinking about losing the baby

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readysetcake Sat 10-Feb-18 16:11:30

having a jokey conversation with DH about silly things and his DB cropped up. He said laughing, yeah but he’s a dick. Am I a dick? I said no otherwise I wouldn’t be with you. He replied I thought you were just with me to have kids (again, same jokey tone). I replied in kind, well I have the kids now (DD and 25 weeks pregnant) so you can leave. He replied don’t count your chickens, and looked at my belly. Ive now got really upset. I worry about losing the baby every day (have a history of worry and anxiety but not a history of loss) and he made me feel like I was being blasé about things. I just thought it was a low blow in a jokey “argument” and now I can’t shake a feeling of doom like I’ve jinxed myself. To top it all he’s fucked off to the pub to leave me with DD after I’ve only just got back from taking her out all day.
Am I being too sensitive, or am I right to be upset at him? I’m not counting my chickens at all it was a slip of the tongue.

TheCatsPaws Sat 10-Feb-18 16:14:25

What a stupid thing to say!

I’d be fuming. I have both anxiety and recurrent losses so my DP would get a mouthful if he’d said that.

That said, you have nothing to worry about. You are past the danger area and were your baby to be born soon, there are interventions that can help. I nearly went into labour at 27 weeks and was told my baby had a good chance (I had him at 36 weeks, so it was fine).

It’s your DP being an idiot.

TheQueenOfWands Sat 10-Feb-18 16:14:41

Yes, he is a dick. You picked the wrong answer the first time.

BlueTowel Sat 10-Feb-18 16:19:59

It wasn't very nice of him. I get why you're upset but unless he actually is a dick then he won't have meant it to sound like a curse. Just one of those things when you go too far having a joke and get carried away. Are you honestly saying that you think you can incur the wrath of Fate like that? Bad things happen because people forget to pay homage to Fate so it teaches them a lesson? Nah.

brew and cake and stick cbeebies on. Have a rest as much as you can and forget about it

readysetcake Sat 10-Feb-18 16:59:51

Thank you guys. I’m glad it’s not just me being hormonal and it was a Dickish thing to say. He’s not normally a dick so I think he said it without thinking. I don’t believe in fate and the logical part of my brain is telling me to stop being so silly. But my anxiety keeps piping up to whisper what ifs in my ear, more so than usual. I’ve got the play doh out for my DD so that will give some distraction. The clearing up of the million tiny pieces 😱

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