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haemorrhaging / ELCS / fibroids

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saratustra Thu 08-Feb-18 16:31:52

Hi ladies,

Apologies, this has been done before I´m sure, I just can´t find specific info and I´m going crazy. Also sorry for the super long post!

Sooo, I requested an ELCS because I read studies showing that with fibroids bigger than 5cm in mothers over 35, there is a 48% of ending up having an EMCS… I have 4 fibroids, 2 of them 10cm, I´m 39 years old, so for me it was a no brainer – as VB doesn’t appeal to me at all, I would do it if it was safer but it doesn’t look like it´s the case (also, I have arthritis, scoliosis and Raynaud’s syndrome, which all together pushed me to choose a controlled and less painful birth). My consultant said I´m at risk of haemorrhaging due to the fibroids during a VB, but I had an appointment with the Senior midwife today (basically the person in charge of convincing me to change my mind), and she said that the risk of haemorrhaging with c-section is higher.
I´m confused, because I know that “normal” blood loss is higher during c-section, but according to the NICE guidelines the postpartum haemorrhage risk in VB is actually slightly higher? Am I getting this mixed up?
Also, she is minimising the risk of an EMCS should I need it – telling me they can control anything that happens, but talking a lot about the risks of a section in general, which doesn’t make any sense to me? One of my fibroids is close to where they should be cutting, my consultant said is fine as they have a window on the side but midwife is stressing this fact as extra risk – this is surely worse in an EMCS?

The midwife is telling me a water birth with no epidural is my best option as I´ll be in control, “just try” and then go for a section if I can´t cope, but the thought horrifies me…
I just don’t know what to do, I was very set in the ELCS idea but I don’t want to be narrow minded and put myself or my baby at risk.

Thanks so much for your ideas!

ClareB83 Thu 08-Feb-18 17:47:16

I'm no expert but sounds like the midwife was talking bullocks. Stick to the ELCS.

saratustra Sat 10-Feb-18 09:41:10

Thank you, the more I think about the more I see they are not listening - trying to be humble but I should stick to my guts x

ClareB83 Sat 10-Feb-18 10:36:22

Yup you're the most invested person here and you've done the most thinking about your own situation/health. You've listened to consultant and midwife. Now it's time to demand what is right for you.

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