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12 week scan

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TTCI Thu 08-Feb-18 13:58:25

I know a lot of people will find this annoying but not or girl from scan pic? Sorry it's my first baby and I'm just so excited x

zaalitje Thu 08-Feb-18 15:49:43

We really can't tell, in my experience of myself and friends nub theory and skull theory is just a guess and wrong as often as it's right.

TTCI Thu 08-Feb-18 15:56:35

I know deep down I do know this I just feel like all the mums on mumsnet are like super mums that are wise and know everything lol I'll just have to be patient x

Pittcuecothecookbook Thu 08-Feb-18 16:48:17

No one knows and nice to find out for sure if you want at the anonomly scan but all you'll know is it is either a boy or a girl until then! 😁 not long to go, only 2 months!

TTCI Thu 08-Feb-18 17:02:39

I know hehe not long x I went and picked a name for a girl which was silly lol x

keepingbees Thu 08-Feb-18 17:03:04

Nub is fairly reliable if it's a clear shot.
That looks girly to me.

TTCI Thu 08-Feb-18 17:22:24

@keepingbees thank you for commenting that's so exciting I'll have to google this "nub theory" xx

LisaSimpsonsbff Thu 08-Feb-18 18:31:14

Just wanted to check that you know your first name, location and DOB are visible? Obviously no biggie if you know and don't mind, just wanted to warn you in case you hadn't noticed.

TTCI Thu 08-Feb-18 18:32:47

Yeah I noticed, it was a bit tricky to get a good pic lol thinking about it now maybe I should take it down x

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