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Could this be the start of SPD

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AKP79 Thu 08-Feb-18 13:00:14

I'm nearly 18 weeks pregnant and sporadically over the last few weeks I have been getting shooting pains in my vagina. They last for a second and disappear. Hadn't been getting it every day so wasn't too worried and put it down to 'one of those pregnancy things'.

Today the pain is there more, but isn't shooting like it was before. I've just been for a short lunchtime walk and it was hurting on my return. It seems to hurt when I cross my legs too.

I don't recall having this with my first, but I am a little heavier this time around and I also have hyper-mobility.

Any thoughts would be great.

Aries456 Thu 08-Feb-18 20:53:48

I had pretty bad SPD with my second. I remember getting those pains occasionally (am sure someone referred to them as "fanny daggers" on here) but can't remember of the two were related. I got bad sciatica and lower back pain. I did back exercises in the evening to try and loosen it up. Sorry can't be more helpful!

Redfin Thu 08-Feb-18 20:55:09

I had pelvic pain, it felt like I'd fallen on the middle bar of a bicycle iykwim

43percentburnt Thu 08-Feb-18 21:00:25

Yes I had the same at 18 weeks. I was having twins and could barely walk 2 weeks later. I suggest you see your gp. I saw a private osteopath which kept me moving. I deteriorated pretty quickly. My hypermobility was picked up in post natal physio!

To warn you I was advised not to be in a car for more than 30 mins without a break.

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