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9+6 and anxious

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MonaTheMoaner Wed 07-Feb-18 14:13:31

My anxiety is through the roof, mostly due to the threat of miscarriage. This is baby number three for us (DC's 9 and 7) and I'm petrified this long tried for baby won't last.

I've tried mindfulness and positive thinking. I've even tried deep breathing and general meditation. I thought in the beginning that I would be far more calm now than I was at 4/5/6/7 weeks but it appears to be getting worse.

I had early EPU scans at 6 weeks due to pain which turned out to be a burst cyst. I had a reassurance scan at 8+5 which was all fine. I've now booked in another reassurance scan for tomorrow at 10 weeks as I don't have a dating scan date at the moment.

I have no symptoms apart from sore nipples. All the nausea I had at 6-7 weeks has long gone. It terrifies me that it could be a MMC after two previous losses (a chemical and around 6 weeks).

How do I calm down? How do I stop driving myself crazy and paying through the nose for private reassurance ultrasounds?

CJ1990 Wed 07-Feb-18 17:31:32

Sorry your going through this. Sounds a lot like what I’m feeling at the mo! So worried about a Mmc. Had spotting at 7 weeks and saw a heartbeat. Now 9+ and terrified it’s gone wrong! Purely as I have no pregnancy symptoms at all and have started spotting again..but the EPU won’t scan me again and don’t seem concerned.
I’m debating a private scan too but begrudge paying so much for pretty much nothing in the grand scheme of things..and truth is it could be fine then and not the day after. It’s hard, but we just have to try stay positive I think! Good luck x

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