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rebeccac29 Fri 26-Jan-18 07:51:55

Got theae this morning but clear blue was negative

Kenworthington Fri 26-Jan-18 07:57:55

Well they’re certainly very clear positives. Clear blues aren’t as sensitive afaik. Is that good news?

Pugsleypugs Fri 26-Jan-18 08:20:35

It's more common to get false negatives than false positives.

Those look positive, is that what you wanted to hear? What do you need help with?

rebeccac29 Fri 26-Jan-18 09:26:52

Just needed someone else to tell me really what they see as had false postive on these cheap ones before but always took more than 5 mins and these ones are better line and took about a minute to show

rebeccac29 Fri 26-Jan-18 09:28:04

Yes defo have been trying for 1 and a half years

rebeccac29 Fri 26-Jan-18 17:31:39

What does everyone else think

MrsL2016 Fri 26-Jan-18 20:20:41

Look positive to me. Congratulations. When is your period due? Are you testing early? Agree with others that clear blue aren't as sensitive so may have better luck in a couple of days.

rebeccac29 Fri 26-Jan-18 20:46:56

I was due on last Wednesday so 2 days late

BrutusMcDogface Fri 26-Jan-18 21:17:22

They certainly look positive to me! Congratulations! flowers

rebeccac29 Fri 26-Jan-18 22:46:14

Do you think I should do one in the morning

BigBaboonBum Fri 26-Jan-18 23:49:02

Did you allow the dye to properly fall into place here? I had these tests and there was always issues with the dye pooling in places and not making it to the other side. BUT they look positive to me. They all look like they’re in the same place and the dye looks like it’s all made it to the other end (sometimes also pools below the little flap thing near the holding bit).

And clear blue seem to be notorious for late positives

AELLE7 Fri 26-Jan-18 23:54:17

I took loads of cheaper tests that come up with faint positive, but clear blue digital come up negative the same day, because it requires more HCG to show a positive than the dye tests. Also if you have taken multiple tests in a day you also need to be aware about how diluted your wee can get drinking water which can affect a pregnancy test result this early on. After getting my negative, I tested the next day with first morning wee on a clear blue digital and it was positive . Also false positives are so rare and it is highly unlikely they would come up on all of those tests. Congratulations on your pregnancy, took a while for it to sink in for me too! smile

rebeccac29 Sun 28-Jan-18 14:49:25

Did another test this morning which was a different brand and that was negative so really not sure what to think

Ekphrasis Sun 28-Jan-18 15:33:27

What brand did you use?

rebeccac29 Sun 28-Jan-18 16:30:42

It was a cheap cassette one of eBay anyone use them before

Ekphrasis Sun 28-Jan-18 16:46:48

I'd honestly either use a frer or wait a few days and teat again. The ones you're using might be very sensitive; a dr used one with me before I was 4 weeks (and I had a uti, so tested just to check) and it was positive but I had some similar looking ones to yours and it took a while longer to show up.

A frer is reliable and very sensitive; the only down side is that with early testing is that you're more likely to get a chemical pregnancy (ie it's not viable and a 'period' comes a couple of days late).

rebeccac29 Sun 28-Jan-18 17:18:47

Might give it a bit longer and wait

rebeccac29 Sun 28-Jan-18 20:00:52

I really did think they was postive and late for period so no idea why no other tests are showing up

Ekphrasis Sun 28-Jan-18 20:06:04

The tests are all different strengths and different strengths of urine can affect it too on the same test.

It's not a straight forward science but usually a line is a line esp if pink. Blue are notoriously dodgy.

Kiztok Sun 28-Jan-18 20:09:45

Buy a first response. They seem to be the best

rebeccac29 Sun 28-Jan-18 20:22:29

I did the when got the postive but first response was negative

rebeccac29 Mon 29-Jan-18 07:34:22

This morning was negative too

rebeccac29 Tue 30-Jan-18 14:05:26

Should opk show up like this if I am late for my period

Ekphrasis Tue 30-Jan-18 14:49:07

Yes I'm afraid. I used to get a pre period surge in that hormone - very strong opks but definitely was not pregnant at that time. Not reliable as a pregnancy test; a pregnancy test would show positive for pregnancy if the opk is showing due to hcg.

rebeccac29 Tue 30-Jan-18 16:12:00

How knows what to think will see if it just shows up

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