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Why does time go so slowly first trimester?!

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coastalchick Wed 24-Jan-18 20:34:15

Am 5+3 today with second pregnancy (first ended in MMC in August at 9.5 weeks). Last time, and even more so this time, this early stage is going SO slowly.

Being scanned at 7+2, dreading it but also wanting it to come around so I can see if everything's ok. But time appears to be standing still.

Meanwhile im exhausted and finding it hard to cope with work.

Anyone else out there feeling the same?!

Kkk87 Sun 28-Jan-18 14:14:55

I'm only 4+6 and sound out at 3+5 .. I had a mc in September and I've never known time go so slowly and other than time dragging I feel I have been robbed with the excitement and happiness as after a mc it's so bloody worrying. I'm paying for a reassurance at around 8 weeks

harrietm87 Sun 28-Jan-18 15:36:13

Good luck @Kkk87 - a scan at 8 weeks is definitely a good idea. I had 3 mcs in a row before this pregnancy and just to reassure you, once I got past the first trimester (all my losses were early) the worry really went away, especially once I could feel the baby moving. You'll get there.

Kkk87 Sun 28-Jan-18 15:45:23

Thank you @harrietm87 my mc was early too at around 5+5 . Yes I'm sure I will feel so much more at ease once I reach 12 weeks

coastalchick Mon 29-Jan-18 17:34:41

I hear you all ladies! So sorry for those who have also suffered losses - I feel the same - miscarriage is the thief of joy

My scan is 6 Feb - next tues - just wanting it to come round quick now, but also not as scared it's going g to be measuring small again like last time which resulted in MMC.

Just want this spud to be healthy!

EPSpartyof3 Fri 19-Jul-19 19:25:27

I am at 7 weeks 4 days and I am we are so excited 🥰 it’s our first and it’s everything we ever wanted! Why does time go by so slow

Sugarsocks1996 Sat 04-Jan-20 21:34:01

I'm only 4+4 known scince 3+6 and in getting pain and had brown discharge sorry tmi and it's going so slowly I just want to be at least 12 weeks already lol x

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