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Size - maternity clothes

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fia101 Fri 12-Jan-18 10:54:08

Websites say choose your pre pregnancy size (which would be a 12) but does this really last you until the end or should you realistically go for a size up?

Don't want dresses to become short at end.


QueenAravisOfArchenland Fri 12-Jan-18 11:09:02

Depends hugely on how the brand sizes things. H&M maternity wear runs quite small and you often have to size up from 2nd trimester. ASOS maternity wear is heyooge. A lot of brands essentially "vanity size" their maternity wear because women don't like going up sizes.

Newbiebaby1 Fri 12-Jan-18 11:28:17

I’m normally an 8 up top and 10 on bottom. I’ve had to go up sizes to a 12-14 in normal clothes, ie baggy jumpers etc and maternity I went for 10 in both tops, dresses and trousers. I should have gone for 8 in dresses and tops and 10 in trousers. I still have plenty of room for bump to grow so I would say normal sizes.

TonicAndTonic Fri 12-Jan-18 11:31:50

I bought my normal size, everything fitted fine until about 37 weeks when a few of the less stretchy pieces got a bit uncomfortable! Most of mine is from Next or New Look.

fia101 Fri 12-Jan-18 13:44:13

Thanks all - I agree depends on ship just a pain when ordering online if have to send it back due to size

Hulaballoo Fri 12-Jan-18 15:26:35

I'm normally a 12, bought some second hand maternity trousers for work in a 12... For just ok now, bit tight on legs and theres no way they're going to last another 25 weeks...😳I think tops stretch better bit think I'm going to buy trousers as and when I grow out of them...

harrietm87 Fri 12-Jan-18 20:14:28

I'm normally a 10 but was on steroids at the start of this pregnancy and put on 8kg in the first 8 weeks! I've been wearing size 16 maternity jeans from H&M, but at the same time still fit into my size 10 work dresses and I'm 28 weeks - no idea how that works?! I think you just need to try different shops and see what works.

fia101 Fri 12-Jan-18 21:31:18

Thanks all! Only 8 weeks left at work but feeling meh!

April45 Sat 13-Jan-18 05:15:16

You can get away with normal tops and maternity trousers for quite a while in my experience. Just try them on if they feel tight now then go up a size. Dresses will be ok it’s more the waistbands- by the end you’ll want comfy rather than too structured. Get on eBay!

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