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Toxoplasmosis risk

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NooNooHead Thu 07-Dec-17 19:47:38

My cat is an outdoor cat and often hunts / catches birds and mice etc.

I am 11w4d pregnant and a bit worried about toxoplasmosis. I always wash and peel fruit and veg, thoroughly cook meat etc and wash my hands after stroking the cat. I’m still scared about getting this as my cat is so active outside. I know the risks are higher with eating contaminated meat or salad etc but if I got toxo, i’d be always wondering whether i’d been wise to have a cat.

Just to confirm, I am NOT thinking of getting rid of my cat, just asking a question.

DaisyLand Thu 07-Dec-17 19:52:09

Hi. In my first mw appointment I asked to get todo tested as I’m Spanish I’ve eaten loads of cured meats and continued til I came to know I was pregnant. She said they don’t normally do it however as I was requesting it she’d test for me. I came back as negative so haven’t eaten any since.

Regarding cats I’ve read that as long as you avoid changing their litter then you should be fine , that the risk is in their poo but you’d need to really lick your hands after touching it which you’d not really do. It’s one of the less likely options to get it from.

This link is quite helpful about it.

If you’re concerned I’d ask for a test and also stop cleaning the litter and if you have to do it yourself then wear gloves

DaisyLand Thu 07-Dec-17 19:55:17

Btw you could also get your cat checked to know whether he’s inmune or not

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