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Forgot to take folic acid

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BigBaboonBum Wed 08-Nov-17 12:26:18

Hi everyone, I’m currently on 5mg folic acid on top of my normal prenatal vitamin... but I forgot to take it yesterday (the extra 5mg that is) but I did take the prenatal. Is this okay?
It totally slipped my mind, I also did it last week but forgot my vitamin all together that time.

I’m just in a bit of a panic about it and can’t decide if I’m being rational-panic or crazypregnantlady-panic smile

AnUtterIdiot Wed 08-Nov-17 12:27:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Anotherdayanotherdollar Wed 08-Nov-17 12:28:26

Of course it's fine, it was a one off. Many, many women take no prenatal vitamins or folic acid, or don't start taking it until they have their pregnancy confirmed.
Try not to worry x

BigBaboonBum Wed 08-Nov-17 12:40:06

Thank you! I suppose I’m mostly worried because I’m on a higher dose of folic acid so wasn’t sure if it was extra dangerous that I missed it

Lilonetwothree Wed 08-Nov-17 16:25:59

I haven't been taking any pre-natal vitamins at all blush
With my last pregnancy I found they actually made me feel sick. I have had no sickness this time at all.

BabyDreams2018 Wed 08-Nov-17 16:36:29

If you're taking it 99% of the rest of the time your levels should be high enough to cover you for the one day you missed.

AutumnLeavesandCandleLights Wed 08-Nov-17 19:09:20

I took folic acid and pregnancy vitamins religiously with my first baby. Started out with good intentions in this pregnancy, but pretty sure I stopped taking all of them at around 9 weeks pregnant, whoops.
I'm now 31 weeks pregnant and both baby and myself and fine.

You've no need to worry whatsoever.

CL1982 Wed 08-Nov-17 22:44:35

OP-the recommendations for folic acid are aimed at the lowest common denominator (so to speak). Unless you're eating a very bad diet you'll be getting enough folic acid most likely from foods around smile Plus you'll have built it up a bit. One day will make very little difference but I know the feeling when I miss a thyroxine or baby aspirin! You'll be ok ❤️

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