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DueNov Sun 05-Nov-17 04:32:28

Hi all

I'm 36+4 but have worried from the start that my dates are wrong. From last period id be due 12 November. I have always measured 2-4 weeks ahead. Last appointment at 34 weeks I measured 38.5 weeks.. Then 36 weeks I measured 34 weeks and midwife said I must have dropped as baby is very very low.

I've had 2 x growth scans. First at 34 weeks showed fine.. but hey wouldn't tell me estimated weight. Second her belly has grew 50mm in a week and A half going from below 50th centile to off the scale big way over largest centile. They sent me for another diabetes test and I get the results Monday.

I have been in for 3 x reduced movements in less than 3 weeks. Apparently 2 in a month you should go under consultant led. They haven't done this for me.. My growth scan shows estimated due date as 13 November which is closer to my original due date from last period instead of based on my 10 week scan I had..

Anyway!! Just wanted to ask about anyone becoming consultant led due to babies belly measuring way too large and either you had diabetes?or consultant led due to reduced movements. Did they induce you??

For the last week I've had on and off period pains like I'm due on with back ache too.. Last two nights it's been quite sharp and noticeable pain that I can barely sleep. It is like waves where the pain becomes intense then drops off intense then drops off. When I do finslly sleep and wake it's then a dull period pain rather than intense and also back ache. Could this be the start of labour? Or is this normal??

Ftm due 29 November. Any input welcomed!

TakeMe2Insanity Sun 05-Nov-17 05:32:55

I had a brief chat about GD with my consultant and he said that if you do get it they don't let you go beyond 40 weeks. Whether via induction or csection I'm umsure.

Hope that helps

NanooCov Sun 05-Nov-17 11:13:56

Have you had a glucose tolerance test to establish whether you have Gestational Diabetes? I was diagnosed at 30 weeks and had my baby boy this morning after induction at 38+6 but that was because he was measuring on the large side and there were concerned about possible shoulder distocia. I took metformin from 31 weeks and a small amount of insulin from 35 weeks.
NICE guidelines are that women with gestational diabetes can be left to go into labour naturally up to 40+5 so long as their GD is well controlled (either through diet or medication) and there are no other medical concerns (eg baby’s size or placenta deterioration, which can be a complications of GD).
However, different hospital trusts have different policies which don’t always mirror NICE guidelines and try to apply blanket policies about GD pregnancies and when they “must”be induced by. My hospital has a great consultant who is more about informed choice than a one size fits all policy thankfully.

NanooCov Sun 05-Nov-17 11:15:57

Oh and to answer your question, I was consultant led as soon as diagnosed with GD. I could have laboured on the midwife led unit at my hospital up until the point I was put on insulin. Induction also meant MLU was out of the question but it was my choice having weighed up the risks to my son of going full term.

DueNov Sun 05-Nov-17 12:18:14

The j you I had a test at 28 weeks and was fine and I was tested Friday gone and awaiting my results which I should get tomorrow.

My hospital will not tell me her estimated weight however I found a UK online calculator for estimated yet is size and her measurements put me at the average size of a baby at 39+2 gestation. So 3 weeks ahead..

Doesn't surprise me as I am huge. Here's a pic of me at 35 weeks. I've had s fluid scan and fluid is just below what is considered normal.

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