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Previous scar tissue and pregnancy.. Oh and hairs lol

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CinnamonAndSpice Tue 17-Oct-17 08:44:06

So 1st of all Omg where is all this hair coming from lol.. Getting lots on chin :/ and some near naval.. Legs r growing like wildfire. And found three fair ones on my nips... Omg. Please tell me this is normal or I'm. Not the only one.

Also had a laproscopy in the spring to help ttc. And didn't expect it to happen to fast.. So not sure on the healing time. And I know the scars are tiny, however the one above pubic bone in the last two days has become red, not infection looking just red and feels like it's being torn. To the point I have to wear my underwear below it. Dp cuddled me this morning to say hello to bump and gently touched the scar not realising and I hit the roof it hurt alot.

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