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Maternity allowance... current turnaround time?

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tootsieglitterballs Mon 16-Oct-17 13:15:33

Anyone recently had their decisions through about maternity allowance?

Just received the text to say they have received my forms, so just wondering how long turn around is at the moment (the message says 24 working days but just wondering if that’s accurate or not)

MerlinsLeftButtock Mon 16-Oct-17 13:55:51

I’ve just had mine through. I’d say the 24 days is pretty accurate. Mine took around 20 working days from the text. It’s so frustrating waiting for it.

BitOutOfPractice Mon 16-Oct-17 13:56:38

When I had DD1 I as already back at work before I had a penny but that was 18 years ago! I hope it's better now!

tootsieglitterballs Mon 16-Oct-17 15:53:53

Thanks @MerlinsLeftButtock , good to know!

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