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Please help me.

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moonshineem94 Thu 12-Oct-17 00:04:54

i feel like I’m going crazy I’m currently 5 days overdue on my lady time. I’ve taken a million tests and believe I’m seeing something I eant to see if anybody else can see the or I just have line eyes ? I’m not trying to conceive so we shall see. Helppppppp

Hawkmoth Thu 12-Oct-17 00:10:42

Lady time? Is that eating swan meat wearing a gown and using silver cutlery with a string quartet playing in the background?

geoff409 Thu 12-Oct-17 00:13:35

I can see one solid line | like this. Don't know what brand you have but clear blue do a digital test that has a proper indicator, and can even tell how far along you are if you're pregnant. Good luck

PastaOfMuppets Thu 12-Oct-17 00:16:50

What are we meant to be seeing here? If you can't read your test, wht wouldn't you just try a different kind? confused

moonshineem94 Thu 12-Oct-17 00:16:53

Thank you so I'm not going crazy. I'm currently 5 days overdue my period so I am going to buy a clear blue digital on Friday which makes ne exactly 1 week overdue. Thank for replying

moonshineem94 Thu 12-Oct-17 00:19:35

PastaOfMuppets I've taken a 3 different branded cheaper test and see them same thing. So the question I was asking was if anybody else is seeing what I believe to be seeing or if I just have line eyes? Thanks

FastWindow Thu 12-Oct-17 00:24:42

The first picture is a stock photo and the second two are of the same test with the cover removed.

moonshineem94 Thu 12-Oct-17 00:26:10

FastWindow yes this is just one test! Stock photo, one with flash and one without flash. Didn't see the need to add multiple tests so I did the picture in different filters

moonshineem94 Thu 12-Oct-17 00:26:53

thanks everyone who has replied by the way! I have never wrote on one of these forums.

2furbabies Thu 12-Oct-17 02:11:53

No lines on any of them

RavenclawRealist Thu 12-Oct-17 02:20:18

I don’t know what you are seeing so it’s impossible to say if we see the same thing? Also each brand has a different sign for pregnant! But to me there is only one line which is usually the control line I think

Lozmatoz Thu 12-Oct-17 04:52:37

Sorry, looks negative. Don’t waste money on expensive tests, they’re no better. Wait a good few more days and if your period still hasn’t started try again. You’ll drive yourself crazy!

Cracklesfire Thu 12-Oct-17 05:54:24

I can't see a second line on the pink test sorry. I wouldn't waste your money on the expensive digital tests - I've never had a positive result using them even when I am pregnant.

heebiejeebie Thu 12-Oct-17 06:19:08

Stock photo means that you've copied it off a website. Why?

user1499786242 Thu 12-Oct-17 06:23:46

I don't think it's a stock photo
I think she's used a website or app where you upload your picture and it turns it negative to help see if there's a line?
Or well I hope so otherwise that's just weird 😳

Waitingonasmile Thu 12-Oct-17 08:39:44

The pink tests are negative! I can't even see any hint of a line.

Good luck

geoff409 Thu 12-Oct-17 09:32:54

Good luck Moonshine

PastaOfMuppets Thu 12-Oct-17 10:22:01

I just meant that I don't know if we're meant to see one line, two lines, a plus, what should be where, it doesn't help to post pics and say "what do you see" because we don't know really what we're looking for. I can't read those types of tests and if I had to post 3 pics asking what others saw I'd probably buy an easier to read test or go to a doctor

lookingforthecorkscrew Thu 12-Oct-17 10:34:46

Those look negative to me.

moonshineem94 Thu 12-Oct-17 18:49:41

I guess I have the bad case of line eyes. Sorry for any confusions I caused and no being very thoughtful on how I phrased things x

geoff409 Thu 12-Oct-17 19:05:36

Good luck Moonshine , I hope you get the news you want.

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