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How long does it take?

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Emily003 Mon 03-Jul-17 13:45:13

PCOS for two years, METFORMIN for 3 months, how long has it taken ladies to fall pregnant and have you had any other tablets along side to help?

peachgreen Mon 03-Jul-17 14:08:21

I have had PCOS since I was 16 - am 32 now. Mine was untreated when I started trying as I didn't get on with Metformin at all (made me v. sick). We has been sort of half trying for a year and a half on and off, but once we started properly trying (i.e. I started tracking ovulation and made sure we DTD at the right time!) we fell on the second cycle. Unfortunately that ended in MMC. This time around it took us 7 cycles.

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