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Positive or negative

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BringMeTea123 Mon 26-Jun-17 17:56:03

Can anyone see if this is positive or negative. Period due today. It's s superdrug cheapie. Done at 5.30pm. Thanks xx

MerlinsBeard87 Mon 26-Jun-17 18:10:49

I think you need to retest, that doesn't look like a reliable result. Superdrug tests aren't highly rated on here. Try a first response maybe?

MariafromMalmo Mon 26-Jun-17 18:13:14

I think that has flooded.

twinkle1972 Mon 26-Jun-17 18:21:33

Definitely retest and show us pics

BringMeTea123 Mon 26-Jun-17 18:25:34

I though that might be the case 🙈 who would have thought peeing on a stick would be so difficult lol. I'll re test tomorrow if still no period. Thanks ladies x

kimlo Mon 26-Jun-17 18:28:07

dont pee on the stick, pee in a container and dip much easier. I always found an egg cup worked well.

emwithme Mon 26-Jun-17 18:32:24

Seconding the advice to pee in a container and then dip (I used a very well washed out pickled onion jar).

kimlo Mon 26-Jun-17 18:36:18

I just want to point out that my egg cups were thrown out after their alternative use grin

BringMeTea123 Mon 26-Jun-17 18:51:56

Haha kimlo your last comment killed me lol 😂. Thanks I'll try the peeing into a container trick next time x

CWG17 Mon 26-Jun-17 19:00:06

Lids from hairspray and other cosmetics also work well.

TippyTinkleTrousers Mon 26-Jun-17 19:47:03

That looks negative to me but I could be wrong because of the dye run.

Bobbiepin Mon 26-Jun-17 19:58:09

Do it with your first wee in the morning OP. more hormone available for a test result.

ScarletSienna Mon 26-Jun-17 19:59:56

I use a deodorant lid and then put it well out of reach!

BringMeTea123 Tue 27-Jun-17 09:37:31

Can't believe Tesco this morning didnt have 1 pregnancy test!! Got one from the pharmacy and will use peoples peeing into a container trick 😊 x

BringMeTea123 Tue 27-Jun-17 09:57:50

Negative. Doesn't say on the packaging though that you can put it into a pot of urine only says about peeing on if. Probably doesn't make a difference though. Just waiting for AF now x

twinkle1972 Tue 27-Jun-17 10:11:11

It won't make a difference to the result, test just picks up hormones in urine x

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