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Signed Off Due to SPD During Pregnancy and Occuptional Health

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Mat12345 Sun 25-Jun-17 17:50:45


I am looking for some advise on the following situation.

My wife is 26 weeks pregnant.

She was doing fine (apart from sickness) in early pregnancy but by about week 20 was suffering with anemia and SPD which just came on out of nowhere.

She gets very faint (despite taking Iron supplements) and finds it very hard to walk most days due to the SPD while the midwife has referred to a physio but this is not available until August.

Initially she asked to work from home on occasion when the SPD first appeared. Her manager told her that they would have to put in a formal request and it would take up to a month to come back to allow her to do this.
She went to the doctor due to the SPD and anemia and the doctor signed her off for 4 weeks. Recently she has been back to the doctor and the doctor signed her off for another 5 weeks.
Her manager has now contacted her to tell her that they want to do a home visit, the manager to update on the team and an hr representative to attend as well. They want to do this before they refer her to occupational health.

My wife feels that they are trying to come to the house to see if they can now get her to work from home when when she asked for this originally they were not keen and went a very formal route with bringing in occupational health.
My wife wanted to work from home only on the days when she did not feel able to go into work due to the SPD.
They have asked her to let them know when would be a good time to come round and after that they will book her the occupational health appointment to attend.

The questions around this situation are:

1, I don't believe that the manager is allowed to update my wife on the team when she is signed off sick nor should the manager need to?

2, Is my wife within her rights to refuse the manager and hr coming round to the house?

3, Can the company force my wife to see the occupational health person when she is signed off ?

Hope that you can provide some advise on the above,

Many Thanks,


Mat12345 Thu 29-Jun-17 10:34:55

Hi All,

Is anyone able to advise please?



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