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Possible labour symptoms 39weeks

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Loopyluw12 Sun 04-Jun-17 16:01:35

Hi ladies

I'm after some advice if possible, this might be a tmi post...

I'm 39 weeks today and have been feeling off for a few days....

The last two weeks I've seen an increase in discharge (milky white) in my underware but nothing much when I wiped, but me an my partner had sex Friday night (first time in ages lol 😂) and I had a really busy day yesterday cleaning and shopping. But today I've been feeling crampy in my back and a bit icky, yesterday I had what looked like a tiny bit of mucus plug come away (about the size of my little finger nail) but just now I had a long stringy bit (sorry if that's too gross!) I will post a picture in comments Lol!! I'm just wondering dose this sound like labour could be on its way soon ish?? I really want a home birth so don't want to go too overdue 😊 x

Loopyluw12 Sun 04-Jun-17 16:03:07

This was today

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