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38 weeks, strong regular cramps & back ache over last week. Brixton hicks?

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Lucinda15 Mon 29-May-17 15:55:28

I'm 38+1 weeks pregnant. Over the last week I've had strong cramping period type pains and aches in my back, groin and upper thighs. They tend to start in the morning, at least 5-8 an hour and last around 30 secs to 1 minute. They usually fade away by mid-late arvo.

I thought these were just Brixton hicks. I've not had any show, or waters going. But I'm beginning to get so frustrated with them, as I can't help but wonder every day, 'is this it?' And as much as I try and dismiss it, the wonder is always there.

I had my DS 6 years ago and didn't have these pains for so long. With him I had irregular contractions and then a show and things just increased in pain and frequency from there. So I'm confused by what's going on here...

Anyone else had this or going through this? Is it a sign labour is imminent or could this go on for ages?? I'm actually being induced on the 5th but wld really like it if labour started naturally.

M2R2 Mon 29-May-17 19:08:48

Hi Lucinda, sorry you are going through this. i had these with my second baby lasted for about 2 weeks but i use to have them in the evening and stops by midnight. I ended up being induced at 41 weeks due to reduce baby movement.
By the way i had no show or water.

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