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Crying as hell

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Mas17 Tue 25-Apr-17 17:02:45

I know these types of posts many people posted and I have read many posts but just need help from you guys.

I am 11 week and 6 days pregnant two days ago i started having spots and bright red bleeding. I ran to A & E but they said they cannot do anything as the scan date wont be till wednesday and the spotting sometime can be normal. However, yesterday i had few cramps and bleeding bright red again ran to A & E and they did blood test urion test but everything seemed okay and asked me to come back for scan on wednesday.

This is my first pregnancy and i feel like i can die any minute i have been crying, it feel like someone is taking my soul out i just dont know what to do sad sad i feel so alone no work since last one week i dont know wht how everything happened can someone please give their views

ACFW2016 Tue 25-Apr-17 17:33:05

I'm pregnant with my first, I'm only 6 weeks at the moment myself and of course - the fear is there for all of us.

My advice is that as hard as it is, I would imagine you being upset could make it worse and distress the baby. You've been checked and everything's fine so now it's your job to keep calm which I know is easier said than done.

I worry about everything but I know it won't change the outcome so I'm just trying to keep calm as that's the best we can all do xx

RedDahlia Tue 25-Apr-17 19:28:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maggy74653 Tue 25-Apr-17 19:50:11

Not sure if this will help with reassurance or not but I have been pregnant twice and had bleeding early on in both pregnancies.

Unfortunately the first one resulted in a miscarriage (not as a result of the bleeding though) but I'm now 38 weeks pregnant with the second one and actually had more bleeding at the start of this pregnancy (they never knew why).

Please try not to stress and panic too much (I know that is easy to say and hard to do) but the best thing you can do for your baby/body is to try and stay calm.

Mas17 Tue 25-Apr-17 20:59:26

Thank you so much maggy and reddahlia. At this time these kind words actually helps me to calm down. I just hope and pray that everything is okay. sad

Maggy74653 Wed 26-Apr-17 23:36:28

I hope your scan went well x

lifesjoys Wed 26-Apr-17 23:59:43

I had bleeding around the same time, oh and also pain.

I'm currently led in bed watching my 1 month old sleep!

Please don't worry too much although I know how hard that is!

lifesjoys Thu 27-Apr-17 00:00:34

I've just seen that your scan was today.

Given what I've just said, I pray it all went well!!

Do let us know op x

mummabubs Thu 27-Apr-17 08:38:46

Just wanted to send well wishes OP and emphasise that contrary to what the first person to reply said: at this early stage your distress will not impact on the baby. I'm sure the poster didn't mean to but I could see how this could interpreted as saying if you don't stop feeling distressed you'll be harming your child. True that studies show stress in later stages affect baby's development but at this stage (unfortunately) it's all out of your control. Equally for your own wellbeing trying to remain calm is going to be better for you. (I had bleeding at 6 weeks so remember the fear all too well. Thankfully for me an EPU scan showed everything was OK and I'm now 16+5). Fingers crossed for you OP xx

Mas17 Thu 27-Apr-17 12:21:21

Hello everyone,

I had miscarriage the baby stopped growing at 4 weeks and I only got to know at the end of 12 weeks when i started to bleed. Last whole night I had cramps extremely bad which remained for around 8 hours and heavy bleeding. It was the worst night ever as much as am trying to keep myself calm the tears finds the way to come. I just dont know how to smile anymore. Having my first miscarriage made me feel like the worst thing that can happen to a women. I wish and i pray that no women should to through this pain and suffer.

After having a miscarriage does anyone know when you can concieve again? And thanks again everyone i wish all of you to have.

ButtMuncher Thu 27-Apr-17 12:25:39

Oh love. You poor thing. Be kind to yourself and take time to heal.

I think generally you can conceive as soon after (physically) but you may wish to take some time to just come to terms with the MC and make sure your body feels ready. I do believe some people may wait a month or two just to allow their cycles to get back.

I'm so sorry for your loss flowers

Maggy74653 Thu 27-Apr-17 12:47:17

I'm so sorry to hear this OP, miscarriage is horrendous and I know nothing I can say will make you feel any better right now.

After my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage (baby stopped growing at 5/6 weeks and I didn't find out until 10 weeks) I conceived again two months later. I had one proper period about 3 weeks after I stopped bleeding and then we started TTC again. I got pregnant again that month.

I'm not going to lie this second pregnancy has been really hard because I couldn't shake the feeling that everything was going to go wrong again. Until I got to that 12 week scan with a heartbeat I didn't think it would happen and even afterwards I found myself waiting for things to go wrong.

Give yourself time to recover both mentally and physically from this xx

NotAnotherUserName5 Thu 27-Apr-17 16:32:39

I'm so sorry sad

I lost a baby last year. Baby died at 13 weeks and it's such a horrible thing to go though.

I did get pregnant 7 weeks later and am now 32 weeks. I had heard your more fertile after being pregnant so we tried after my first normal period and got lucky.

Right now focus on looking after yourself and getting through this physically.
You might find you're a bit up and down emotionally for a bit-that's ok and normal, but share your feelings with your partner. It's important not to bottle it up.


fezzik1 Thu 27-Apr-17 17:22:00

So so sorry OP sad

I lost my first pregnancy, (growth stopped around 8 weeks, we found out at our 12 week scan) Misscarried at home a few days later.. it is truly an awfull thing... be kind to yourself right now!

I had light bleeding for about a week and a half afterwards and had my first period 4 weeks after the MC, the body heals quickly! But do take time for yourself, physically and emotionally, and allow yourself to heal and grieve.


Helbelle75 Thu 27-Apr-17 17:41:39

I'm so sorry. This happened to me last year and it is beyond devastating. Please be gentle with yourself and get some counselling of you need it. It was a very dark time for me and i honestly don't know if I'll get over it.
You can absolutely conceive again. I fell pregnant again 2 months after the miscarriage and she is currently asleep on me - 12 days old.
Look after yourself x

Mumtobe12 Thu 27-Apr-17 17:52:44

I know it's hard but you have to try stay calm stress won't help. I had bleeding at 6 weeks found out it was implantation and now happily 33 weeks gone. I paid for a private scan for reassurance is this an option for you?
Sending best thoughts and hugs

Mumtobe12 Thu 27-Apr-17 17:54:04

Oh my sorry just read more of post sorry for loss xxx

Lemondrop09 Thu 27-Apr-17 18:03:59

I'm so sorry sad What an awful experience to go through. flowers

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