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1st baby - 25wks

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Misswales1 Sun 23-Apr-17 09:48:49


I'm 25 weeks and I'm still rocking the I don't look pregnant look! I'm still in my normal clothes - same size and same hole on my belt, midwife reckons I'm just lucky but I'm finding it weird. I've been feeling fine and bambino seems to be having a constant party even though my placenta is lying at the front - I'm told that I this should dampen the movements.

Just looking for some moral support and that I'm not being paranoid! Ta x

Foggymist Sun 23-Apr-17 10:05:39

I was pretty much the same, no visible bump but had to move to maternity jeans at 18ish weeks because I found the waistband uncomfortable on my normal jeans. I didnt look visibly pregnant until 30-33 weeks depending on what I wore (he was born at 36 weeks). It meant I went back to normal very quickly and you'd never know I'd had a baby, but for me it also meant I was beaten up internally because there was just no extra space for my poor organs.

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