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Due December 2017

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MontyPants Sun 16-Apr-17 13:17:23

Hi all,
I'm new to mumsnet, and this is my first pregnancy. I'm due on the 4th December if my dates are correct, and I had an early scan (not on NHS) at 6 weeks, and they said I'm due on 5th or 6th December. Will find out for sure at my 12 week scan! I'd love to speak to any other mummies-to-be who have recently found out they are pregnant. Anyone else struggling with nausea at night?

dede124 Sun 16-Apr-17 16:29:00

Hi @MontyPants congratulations!! my sickness was always worse at night I was fine through out the day. I'm 14 weeks now and it's eased off.

MontyPants Sun 16-Apr-17 18:03:43

Thanks Dede, glad to know it gets better! Congratulations to you too! smile

Chamonix1 Sun 16-Apr-17 18:07:40

Congratulations! Come join us on the ante-natal section !

MontyPants Sun 16-Apr-17 18:13:32

I was looking for a December thread and couldn't find one! Haha I'm useless at this. Found it under ante-natal now so I'll join in. Thanks! smile

InThisTogether Mon 17-Apr-17 10:36:08

Hi all, I'm jumping on this thread as I got my bfp a couple of weeks ago.
My due date is also December 4th OP but who knows?
We've been ttc for 3 years now so although i am over the moon i can't help but worry myself over ridiculous things!
Got an early scan at 8 weeks in 10 days and then my booking in appointment came in for the following day!
I've got really bad morning sickness (just discovered Ritz crackers!) And ENORMOUS sore boobs (bra +3 secret support vests at the mo just about abating them) and fall asleep everywhere and all the time but i wouldn't change it for the world!
Congrats ladies... we're in the club! smile

Chamonix1 Mon 17-Apr-17 10:42:17

December 2017 #2
Hi there, December 2017 due dates are here smile

InThisTogether Mon 17-Apr-17 10:52:53

Fab, thanks Chamonix I'll jump over!

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