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Transvaginal Scans

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user1490882644 Thu 30-Mar-17 15:13:59

I had an early dating scan today, I had a rough idea of dates but as I stopped taking the pill when my last packet ended I couldn't be sure when I ovulated.
My LMP was Feb 6th, which put me about 7weeks 3 days gestation.
At the scan today the lady couldn't see anything with a normal ultrasound so did a transvaginal scan, where they put me at 5weeks 5 days. I could see a tiny black mark which she said was the heartbeat.

If I'm right in thinking that to find the date-ish of when I conceived I should subtract 2 weeks, would I only actually be 3weeks and 5days?
Also, does anyone have any experience with these type of scans and how accurate they are?

MmmMalbec Fri 31-Mar-17 07:32:46

No if they said you're measuring at 5+5 then what's what you are. You're classed as 2 weeks pregnant when you ovulate so when most people find out they're 4 weeks pregnant already. You can take about 2 weeks off to work out when you ovulated but that doesn't come off how far gone you are. Does that make sense?

Vaginal scans are more accurate early on!

Hollyhop17 Fri 31-Mar-17 08:09:53

I had several vaginal scans early on as had a few problems and they were very accurate. 24+2 now.

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