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Breast and nipple pain driving me nuts.

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gemgems2214 Mon 20-Mar-17 12:30:02

Hey all.
Im 19 weeks pregnant with my first and have a shooting/aching pain in my left breast.. Sometimes the shooting pain goes right through my nipple. Anyone else have this its driving me nuts!!!!

calimommy Tue 21-Mar-17 03:19:22

I bought new bras today and I already feel better. Mine are so feckin sore, a sharp intense pain deep in both breasts. Made 110% worse if I carry one of my children and they squish them. It's awful. I have large boobs too, 38DDD (!) but tbh they don't seems that big to look at them, thankfully. I bought good maternity/ nursing bras, WITH underwire because soft cups are a one-way-ticket to pain frankly. These are the best maternity/nursing bras I've ever had, I always found it almost impossible to get good ones before.
Maybe try new bras?

ScarlettFreestone Tue 21-Mar-17 03:28:56

Are you still wearing underwire bras? Have you been refitted since you became pregnant? If not that should help.

There are heated/cooling breast pads you can get which help too:

They are also fantastic for once you are breast feeding.

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