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Overseas trip planned 18-22 weeks pregnant

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upthewolves Tue 28-Feb-17 21:08:39

Hi all, currently 5 weeks pregnant and have a family wedding to go to overseas in June. It will be a long flight (Australia to UK) - has anyone flown while pregnant and is it difficult to get clearance? This will be DC2 and last pregnancy was low risk if that makes a difference.

Also realised that anatomy scan will be due at 20 weeks and I'll probably be 18 weeks when we fly. Is it possible to have that scan early or late? Or does it really have to be week 20? Wondering if I can get private scan in UK if so.

If anyone knows anything would appreciate it! 😊 TIA!

stuckinny Tue 28-Feb-17 21:25:27

I flew throughout my pregnancy. In the later months I got clearance from the midwife but they never had an issue with it. I didn't experience any problems. Made sure I drank a lot of water and moved around as much as I could.

DuggeeHugs Wed 01-Mar-17 00:37:38

I travelled at 24-26 weeks first time around - long haul, 13 hour flights. I just checked with the insurance company beforehand and they didn't need a fit to fly note until 27 weeks. Everything went well.

As stuck says, plenty of water and walk around as much as you can. I also picked the comfiest maternity clothes I had for the flight!

Orangebird69 Wed 01-Mar-17 00:42:49

I flew 7+ hours each way pretty much every six weeks when I was pregnant - right up to 35 weeks..It was absolutely fine. I'd stick as near as possible to the anomaly scan though. It's really important.

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