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36 weeks - can't handle it much longer

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Bethx234 Tue 28-Feb-17 11:28:09

In 36 weeks and have got the biggest fear that something is going to go wrong. I suffered from an early miscarriage at 8 weeks and got pregnant a month after. This pregnancy hasn't gone too great I've had frequent hospital trips to make sure baby is okay but I feel stupid everytime I end up going because it turns out to be nothing. Spotting has been an occurring thing in this pregnancy and after the miscarriage every bit scares the life out of me and it doesnt help when I've got thrush and that's the main thing that causes it (theyve stopped prescribing me things now) I wake up in the middle of the night panicking and lay they for ages waiting for baby to move and scare myself when he hasn't moved for a while. I get myself into such a state and end up crying a lot over it all. I just don't know how I'm going to handle these next few weeks. I want my baby here now

Trifleorbust Tue 28-Feb-17 11:48:19

Please look up statistics for safe delivery at this stage - the odds of such are overwhelmingly favourable! But see your GP or midwife also about the anxiety. Good luck.

Sunnie1984 Tue 28-Feb-17 12:00:32

I'm so sorry you are struggling.

It's totally normal after a miscarriage to feel this way.

You need to discuss your anxiety with your GP, they may send you for extra monitoring for reassurance or for some mental health assistance to make the last few weeks bearable.

And if you ever feel any reduction in movement, always call the labour ward, they are keen to assess any reduced movements st the moment. X

SleepFreeZone Tue 28-Feb-17 12:03:50

I was the same but luckily I was under consultant care and she scanned me weekly then I had a sweep at 39 weeks and he arrived the following morning.

I was 40 so they were being particularly careful with me, plus I had three miscarriages under my belt. I suspect if I wasn't a geriatric mother they would have just let me be.

AnyFarrahFowler Tue 28-Feb-17 15:59:54

I clicked on this because I thought it would be someone saying they were so sick & tired of being pregnant and I was going to sympathise as I remember all too well getting to 36 weeks and being so ready to give birth. Then I read your post - I'm so sorry for your loss. I second the advice given above - speak to your midwife about how you're feeling. Completely normal to be anxious after a loss.
flowers for you

JessieMillz25 Tue 28-Feb-17 16:50:21

Beth, I know exactly how you feel. Days are so long because I'm thinking about her movements all the time. I'm isolating friends, family and OH because I can't concentrate on anything. I'm not sleeping. It's terrible. Like you I have been to the hospital several times and feel so stupid when everything is ok. I just wish she was here now. I'm 32 weeks and the thought of ten more weeks just seems unmanageable. I will be thinking of you Beth. I know it seems like ages but you are so close now and doing so well.

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